Born With No Tail| بدون دم متولد شده

A long time ago, on the way to a small town, a donkey was stuck in a hole and the owner was trying hard to rescue his donkey.


A passer saw the situation and came to help.


The passer held the donkey’s tail and tried to pull hard to help the donkey come out of the hole but instead, he ripped the tail off. The owner started to yell. The passer ran away and the owner ran after him.

The passer ran into a dead end, so he entered a house without permission.


There was a pregnant woman in the house and got very scared which made her lose her fetus, so her husband started to run after the passer along with the donkey’s owner.

The passer was running fast and jumped over a wall and fell on a sick man who was there with his son and killed the sick man.


The son of the sick man ran after the passer along with the donkey’s owner and the pregnant woman’s husband.

On the way, a pedestrian was passing with a shepherd’s cane when the passer accidently hit him. The cane broke and went into the pedestrian’s eye, causing it to go blind. The pedestrian as well as the others, ran after the passer.

The passer had no choice but to run to the town’s only judge.


When he entered the judge’s house without authorization, he found out the judge was with somebody’s wife and was having an affair.

After a few moments, all four complainants walked into the judge’s house and started shouting and complaining about the passer.

The judge knew in order to keep the affair secret; he had to vote against the complainants.

The pedestrian started explaining his story and asked for justice. The judge said: “how can I be sure that you didn’t hit the passer. You have to bring four eye witnesses, and if you don’t have any, you should pay a 30 coins fine for wasting a judge’s time.” The poor pedestrian paid 30 coins and left.

The son of the sick man was called and he told his story. The judge said: “The equal punishment would be for you to jump on the passer’s father just once. If his father was as sick as your father, he will die. But because the passer doesn’t have a sick father, you have to pay 30 coins as well for wasting my time.” The son paid the fine and walked away sad and disappointed.


The husband of the pregnant woman explained what had happened and he was sad because this was their fourth loss as they had been trying to have a child.

The judge said: “you lost three babies already, why should I blame the fourth one on the passer? Pay 30 coins for wasting my time.”

The donkey’s owner got up to leave without complaining. The judge said: “It is your turn. Why are you leaving.”

The donkey owner replied: “Your honour, my donkey was born with no tail.”

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  1. Yet again you’ve brought a smile to my face Laleh 😉 x

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  2. Oh,you should have seen my face when the owner of the donkey said his donkey was born without a tail!

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  3. Love the story, Laleh, thank you for sharing.

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  4. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    Another priceless tale from Laleh 😉

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  5. Once again a great story. I am thrilled. You always choose to write attractive tales. Good job.

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  6. I think this is the most awful story!
    It is beautifully recounted, but the moral is that bad people do bad things and don’t get punished?

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  7. Great story. I love the stories that teach a lesson or two or three…Sufi Stories are like that, too. Idries Shah collected a lot of them. Thanks for posting! Great story. Thanks also for signing on to follow my blog.Plealse let me know if you have any comments or thoughts. Warmest wishes to you, Tasha

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  8. Haha….I laughed out loud at the donkey owner’s answer. You are a brilliant story teller.

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  9. Wel een gek verhaal maar jij kan vertellen als de beste

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