Most Beautiful|زیباترین

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was so beautiful that every single man in the country wished to marry her.


All of the richest men went to see her in person to ask for her hand in marriage. The beautiful girl always tested the men to see if they really loved her or not.

She constantly rejected them because she believed none of these men loved her truly as none of them passed the test. The men never told others what the test was because they didn’t want the next person to win her.

Constantly, the men didn’t pass the test and had to leave. One day a young man insisted that he was the one and that he would gain her trust.



He said that he loved her so much and he would easily pass the test. She invited him in her home and asked him to sit where he couldn’t see the entrance door.


She asked him why she should marry him.

He explained how he fell in love with her when he heard everyone in the country talking about her beauty. He said: “I would fight to have you and to show you that I love you not just for your beauty.”

The girl said: “If you are here for my beauty, you better see my sister. She is the most beautiful member of my family. Look at the entrance door.”

The young man turned his head toward the door to see the girl’s beautiful sister.


There wasn’t anyone at the door.

The girl stood up and asked him to leave. She said: “If you were in love with me you wouldn’t turn your head back to see my beautiful sister. I don’t have a sister. I was just trying to see if you truly love me. Like others, you only love who ever people say is the most beautiful girl.”

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  1. We men are such fools… 🙂

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  2. Lovely story. I think there are some men who doesn’t run behind beauty only☺

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  3. What a wise story, dear Laleh! And so true! Too many men are obsessed with the package, let’s say so.

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  4. Besides how ever those men reacted, to me the clue of the story is that this girl is very smart and wise.

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  5. A very good story, and I think I’d pass the test ok, because when asked to turn and look at the “beautiful sister” I wouldn’t be able to, my neck is so very sore at the moment, and thus I can’t turn to look…..hehe…

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  6. Hi Laleh, thank you for reading so many of my poems, I so appreciate your interest in my writings, and I hope you enjoyed my words. Cheers

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  7. Very good story indeed.

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  8. This girl has not been just very beautiful but also very, very wise… That’s a fine story, and I thank you so much for telling it.

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  9. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    Another terrific story from Laleh 😉

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  10. Hey Laleh,
    Thanks for sharing these stories with us. How can I contact you for an event that we are holding in a couple of highs schools in Toronto.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and more stories

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  11. God bless you for blogging these beautiful stories every week. They’re very constructive. I like this one too and I am certain that the beautiful girl could never have found a real man.😄

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  12. Clever, amusing and very wise story.

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  13. Lovely story and thank you for sharing.

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  14. A lovely story that sends a worthy message, Laleh.

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  15. I logged on this morning to find that you had ‘liked’ several of my recent posts, Thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading this one f yours and will now explore further.

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  16. Great story, Laleh. Very clever. I had about four days of problems with my internet service recently but it seems to have straightened out now. I thought perhaps it was a satellite problem. It affected all the programs on my computer. —- Suzanne

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