Quails and The Farmer|بلدرچین و کشاورز


There, in a big wheat field, lived two quails with their chicks. For months they lived peacefully between the wheat.



Now that the entire field turned beautifully golden, showing that harvesting season was close, it was time for the quails and their chicks to be concerned and ready to move.



Every day, while the mother and father quail went out to find a safe place to move into, they asked their chicks to listen carefully to hear what the farmer says.

The quails always returned before dark and the first thing they asked their chicks were: “What did the farmer say?”


One of the chicks said: “The farmer asked his son to go to the other farms and ask them to come tomorrow to help harvest the wheat.”

Mother quail said: “There is nothing to worry about, we will still be safe tomorrow.”


The next day, the quails went house hunting once again and the chicks were alert for any news. When their parents came back, the chicks said: “Today the farmer asked his son to go to their relatives and ask them to come and help them crop their wheat tomorrow.”


Father quail smiled and said: “Sleep well my chicks, as there is nothing to worry about, we will still be safe tomorrow.”


The third day when quails came back to their nest, the chicks said: “Today the farmer told his son that they can’t wait any longer and asked him to go sharpen their scythes to harvest the wheat tomorrow.”

Mother and father quail both said: “We should be concerned and move early morning.”


One of the chicks said: “How come you were not concerned the other nights with those messages but tonight that message made you worry?”

Mother quail said: “The other nights they were hoping and waiting for others to help them, so we had a safe place to stay. But today, they didn’t count on any one’s help and were willing to do the job themselves. Now the farm is not safe for us.”


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  1. Love your story with wisdom folded in.

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  2. What a lovely story. You share very wise messages.

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  3. Thank you for conveying such a big message through a very simple and beautiful story 😃

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  4. Thank you for blogging another beautiful story. Nice writing.

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  5. A really wonderful story. Thank you. ,-) Michael

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  6. Your stories are full of wisdom… Thank you for telling them.

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