Best Choice|بهترین انتخاب

Three old men knocked on a door.


A young woman opened the door.


Three old men said: “We are hungry and tired, could you help us?”


She responded: “My husband and son are inside the house and we would be glad to help you.”


One of the old men said: “My name is WEALTH, that one is SUCCESS and the other one is LOVE. Only one of us can come in. Go and ask your husband which one of us should come to your house.”


She walked back inside and told the circumstances to her husband and son.

Her husband said: “Let the wealth in. We need that. We can do anything with wealth.”


She said: “Why not let the success come in. We can have wealth if we’re successful.”

Their son said: “We should let the love in. A home is a home when it is full of love.”


She walked back to the door and said: “We would like love to walk into our house,” and left the door open wide.

All three old men walked into the house.

She said with wonder: “but you told me only one of you can come in.”

One of the old men responded: “Whoever chooses LOVE, wealth and success

come with it automatically.”


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  1. Truly a great story with a heart-warming message for us all!

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  2. Beautiful Story , Beautiful Message

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  3. Another beauty of a tale Laleh. I love it. 😉 x

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  4. Very good story. Share more of them.

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  5. Beautiful story with matching pictures

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  6. Wow! 🙂 How wise and true! ❤

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  7. The blessings that come from following a child’s innocent wisdom!

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  8. Great story! For the ending, you might say wealth and success will “often follow” because many loving people are poor.

    Two minor suggestions:

    for line four, I would switch back to the noun (the young woman) instead of “She” responded…

    If a dialogue tag ends in a verb, put a comma after the verb rather than a comma.

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  9. Laleh, another wonderful story, filled with wisdom. As always thank you for sharing your talent in writing amazing stories.

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  10. Reblogged this on Peter's pondering and commented:
    A lovely story that is international, although, in this instance, comes from Iran.

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  11. It is my very first visit to your blog and I am enchanted by your marvelous tale. I meander from one blog into another, at times I just visit and other times I stay. Thank-you for what feels like an invitation to stay.

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  12. I have heard this many times in the past. It’s good to come across it again 🙂

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  13. Such a beautiful story. And a good reminder, especially this time of the year, to choose love.

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  14. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    More tales from Laleh 😉

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  15. Reblogged this on that little voice and commented:
    And love brings hope for the new year.

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  16. loved it! i had goosebumps at the end.

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  17. What a lovely story and so true.

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  18. Amazing story about how the choices we make cab either lead to success, wealth, or love and sometimes all three.

    The fact the the family chose love over success and wealth should show us that we as human beings can and should always chose love over success and wealth.

    Success and Wealth can lead to self-destruction and failure in life, but Love can bring all three together.

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  19. Reblogged this on CRYSTAL'S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE and commented:
    A very good short story.

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  20. A wonderful and ‘true story’, Laleh Chini ❤

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  21. so true. what a wonderful post. Thanks for the smile

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  22. What a fabulous story – simple and straight to the point. I love the stories you post!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and follow me and the storyhounds 🙂

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  23. Beautiful story. Is it a traditional Persian tale or of your own devising (or maybe a little of both)?

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  24. Sorry wrong story I talked about 😊


  25. So beautiful, Laleh! I am glad there was a link back to this December post, my friend! 😘💕

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  26. Laleh, I enjoy all your stories. It’s amazing the life lessons they convey in such few words.

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  27. Goog choise where love and respecct is can grow the other two to

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