Generosity comes by heart|سخاوت از قلب می آید


Once a friend said:

He was at a high-class convenience store in a rich neighborhood picking up some milk and eggs when he saw a stranger pointing to a bag of bread.



The stranger asked the owner if he would lower the price so the stranger could afford to buy it.


He mentioned that he was not a beggar, he just didn’t have enough money and was hungry.


The owner surprisingly said no.


The hungry stranger walked out of the store sadly. My friend picked up the bread and told the owner (who knew him), that he will come back to pay, he then ran towards the stranger and handed him the bread. The stranger thanked my friend who then walked back to the store and didn’t say a word, paid for everything and went home.



The next day, as my friend was walking to work, a little girl approached him and asked if he would buy a flower from her.


He reached his pocket but unfortunately, he didn’t have any cash and sadly told the girl how sorry he was that he couldn’t buy a flower from her.

The little girl smiled kindly and said, “I’ll give you one free flower today no problem. You can buy some another day,” and handed him a red rose.


My friend said that was an amazing act, and taught him a lot. A little girl with no money, who was probably feeding a family was generous enough to give him a free flower but a rich convenience store owner didn’t give a discount on a bag of bread.


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  1. A lovely story with a message to all to be more generous and follow the example set by the little flower girl!

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  2. Thank you Laleh for blogging this beautiful story very thoughtful.

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  3. Strange are the ways of the rich which the poor could ill afford to follow…nice post

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  4. Wonderful & wise story, dear Laleh that reminds us of the importance doing simple great deeds, always no matter what.

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  5. Very thoughtful & meaningful story that everyone might know but can’t practice ! It is a reminder for all of us 🤔Thanks dear Laleh for sharing beautiful story that comes from your beautiful heart 💕

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  6. Beautiful story! And it flows very well. Often those who have the least are the most generous.

    minor suggestion–I would remove “high class” I think the “rich neighborhood” sets the image perfectly. I’ve never heard of a “high class” convenience store?

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  7. Generosity is a trait to be admired and practiced. While this store owner may be financially rich, he is bankrupted in generosity. Isn’t it rather amazing that a child with little to share shows great generosity and an adult with abundance shows none? Wonderful story and pictures. Thank-you!

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  8. True generosity sees not with the eyes but the heart.

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  9. What a beautiful story!!! By the way that guy with the glasses is very handsome lol! God bless! Xx

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  10. A very good sorry Laleh, you tell them so well ❤

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  11. Stories of generosity are always good to hear. My grandfather had a small store during the Depression years when many people had huge financial problems. He was very kind hearted to his customers so from a financial point of view his store wasn’t a success. But he had many friends and many people remembered him fondly.

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  12. I love generosity. Lovely story.

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  13. Such a beautiful message, the poor girl didn’t have much to loose yet offering her beautiful giving heart, the rich man possessed with his possessions is afraid to loose. Thank you for sharing Laleh khanom

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  14. The little girl with the roses and your friend are so much richer than the owner of the grocery store…

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  15. I often notice this in our country too. The poorer have easier time parting with their possessions than the rich. I wonder is it simply because the poor know hunger and just wouldn’t wish that on another or because money forms arrogance and greed among the rich so they have a harder time sharing.

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  16. Wonderful story! thank you for sharing it.

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  17. This should show us that it’s all about generosity and no about money. One little girl was able to show more generosity to someone who didn’t have any money then a beggar who didn’t have any money and the shop owner was rude.

    This to me shows that that we as human beings can’t even look past the outer appearance of a person in order to see that they are suffering.

    Matthew 5:13-16 shows us that we ought to be the salt and light of the Earth. If we don’t become the salt and light of the Earth, we will be trampled underfoot by the world.

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  18. A moving story. The girl’s generosity was above everything else. Thanks sharing ma’am.

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  19. Ooooh. If only we knew how much blessing we get out of generosity.

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