Amazed by God|شگفت زده بوسیله خداوند



Once upon a time,

There was a seventy-year old man who had lost his sight for a few days, so he went to an ophthalmologist.


After a careful exam, the doctor told the old man that the problem was going to be solved with a surgery that would allow him to see again.


The surgery was very expensive but there was no other choice. The seventy year old man had to get a loan to pay for the surgery.


After going back and forth to the bank and finally getting a loan, he made an appointment for the surgery.


All together he was blind for over six months.


He had the surgery and after a few days the doctor removed the bandage to see if the surgery went well enough for the seventy-year old man to be able to see again.


The surgery was successful and he could see once again, but as soon as he realized that he was able to see, he started crying and couldn’t stop.

The doctor asked him: “Are you happy that you are able to see again?”


The seventy-year old man responded: “No. I am amazed by our God. How he gave me my sight all these years for free, without any indebtedness and expectation and didn’t ask me for anything in return.


But when I lost my sight I had to pay a lot of money to you and be in debt for years, pay a lot of interest and I was blind for more than six months.”

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  1. “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was “Thank You”, that would suffice.” – Edward Sanford Martin. A marvelous story that reminds us not to take God’s gifts for granted and to show gratitude for the amazing gifts freely given. Thank-you!

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  2. Dear Laleh you made my day with this beautiful story it is so obvious that if we thank God for even every second it will never be enough 💕

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  3. When we have something, it’s just a normal thing. .. and when we loose it, we realize the value

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  4. Simple yet powerful message through a small story !!! Good work..

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  5. A glorious story Laleh, the gift of sight is truly a most wondrous human ability. 😊

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  6. I try to thank God for everyday things which I am so grateful for. Laleh, this was a beautiful tale and gave us a good reminder, too.
    I have had three surgeries on my eyes and willingly pay the doctor for the repairs. 👀

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  7. Laleh,
    Thank you for making room for me in your world, and thank the Lord for this gift to me!

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  8. This is such an important lesson. We take for granted so many things every day without realising how blessed we truly are. Thank you for reminding me again ❤.

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  9. lovely story, being grateful is so important!

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