Lost Donkey|خرگمشده



A farmer had a big load of wheat on his donkey’s back and was walking towards the mill.

On his way he saw a tea house and decided to rest a bit and drink some tea.


The farmer tied his donkey to a tree and walked into the tea house.

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After a while, he came out of the tea house and couldn’t see his donkey. He started asking around and no one knew anything about his lost donkey.


He saw a young boy and asked him if he had seen his donkey.

The boy said: “Are you talking about the donkey who’s left eye is blind, right foot is lame and is carrying wheat?”


Farmer got happy and said: “Yes, yes!”

The boy responded:  “No, I haven’t seen your donkey.”

The farmer got angry and accused the boy of stealing his donkey and forced him to go to the judge’s house.

The farmer explained to the judge how specific the boy was about his donkey’s particulars.

Judge asked the boy: “How could you possibly know so much about his donkey but claim you haven’t seen it?”

The boy said: “I was passing by the road.


I saw a wheat line on the road. Only the grass on the right side was shorter and one of four of the foot prints made deeper hole. So when the farmer was asking for his lost donkey, I assumed the donkey’s left eye was blind thus couldn’t see the left side grass and didn’t eat it. The deeper foot step was obvious that the donkey was lame at right foot and the wheat line made me realize that it was carrying wheat.

I swear your honour, I haven’t seen the farmer’s donkey.”




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  1. So, where is the rest of the story???

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  2. The boy will make a good detective

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  3. Hi, I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award. Please kindly accept the nomination via this link

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  4. I got amazed by the boy on the road side that how smart he was , nice job.

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  5. A lovely story about the importance of paying attention. 🙂

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  6. Likesome of the others, I was looking for the rest of the story… perhaps a ‘The moral of the story…’ bit would end it nicely.

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  7. Voltaire used similar logic in several of his tales, which he attributed to the powers of just paying attention. Observe, and astonish others!

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  8. The young boy seemed to be a little Sherlock Holmes. 😉

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  9. Smart boy!! I love this clever story, Laleh! ❤️

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  10. Nice story as usual..

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  11. Congratulations 💐. I nominated you for Sunshine blogger award

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  12. Insightful story. The boy was mistaken for ‘thief’.


  13. Your blog is awesome I nominated you already for the Mystery Blogger Award. Please follow the link

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