An Evil Angel|یک فرشته بد

A story by Laleh Chini:

The roads were not all completely asphalt in Iran back when I was a little girl, the road between Shiraz and Bushehr was partially muddy.

Once when we were traveling to Bushehr from Shiraz, we got stuck in the middle of a flooded muddy road. Water got into the car all the way up to the windows.


My sister and I were standing on the back seat so we wouldn’t drown. My mother was so scared and my father was thinking of a way out. We needed help but there was no car passing by. After some time, we finally saw a big green truck coming.


My father pulled his body out of his window and screamed for help.

The truck driver looked like a decent man and told my father: “Don’t worry, I will pull your car out. Hand your kids to me through the window; you don’t want them to be drowned.”


My mother whispered: “Just ask him to pull us, don’t hand him the kids.”

My father responded: “I can’t risk their lives. They are wet and scared.”

When my father handed us to the truck driver from the car windows, we were crying and frightened.


The truck driver parked his truck in front of our car and jumped into the water. The water was up to his chest as he tightened a very thick rope through the windshield attached to his truck and pulled our car out of that dangerous situation.


We were all happy and thankful. My parents jumped out of the car to thank him and take us back from his truck.

The truck driver looked at my father and said: “How much do you want to pay me?”


My father reached into his pocket and gave him all the money he had.


The truck driver said with anger: “I saved your kids’ lives. This is how little you repay me?”

My father got scared and said: “I swear that is all the money we have with us. Please give me my kids. You did a very humanitarian thing today I am sure God will pay you back.”


He shouted at my father and looked at my mother and said: “Give me all your jewelry.”

My mother was crying as she took off all her bangles, her necklace, rings, and earrings and handed them to him while shaking and begging: “Give me my kids. Please!”


My father was as pale as white chalk. We were all wet, cold and terrified.

The truck driver opened his door, looked at my father and said: “You can take your daughters but give their earrings, bangles, and necklaces before you do.”

My Dad grabbed us and put us in the car and said: “Thank God my kids are safe. We were rescued by a very kind man who turned out to be the devil.”


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  1. I never read a story with such a terrifying ending. Unique in the story telling world indeed!

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  2. Just when we think we understand someone, they show us a side that makes us start all over.

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  3. Oh my goodness what a man the truck driver was , But it was worthy after all.. nicely done

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  4. Oh my goodness what a man the truck driver was, it made me angry. But after all it was worthy. Nicely written.✍️

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  5. We would all like to believe in the innate decency of our fellow humans, but, what lies beneath the mask sometimes proves us wrong.

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  6. I had so hoped that the truck driver would smile and give everything back saying “your thanks and safety are payment enough.” However, the loss of life would have been catastrophic compared to any amount of money and jewels. Our faith in the kindness of strangers isn’t always rewarded as we would hope. Thank-you!

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  7. A story with a good ending , Although the truck driver had an ulterior motive and was not driven by human compassion but by his own needs, things could have turned out a lot worse. There was no rape, there was no murder, just the loss of possesions. 💖

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  8. What a terrifying incident.

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  9. Is this a biographical story? Or fictionalised? Anyway, its very powerful and shocking. If this was a real event, I’m curious on your speculations as to why the truck driver acted this way? Anyway, thank you for sharing. Very powerful.

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  10. Wow, what a gripping story. I really enjoyed reading this!

    minor suggestion–put a semicolon after “was a little girl” to correct a comma splice.

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  11. What a horrific individual! I trust that God gave him his just desserts.

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  12. Thank God you all made it out of that situation safely! I don’t suppose you got his license number?

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  13. This is so pathetic. How wicked can one be? I wanted to say thank God for this kind man but would keep my thanks to myself.
    Well, God used him to save you guys but he did it without his permission. Your lives were just too precious to him.
    Glad you all are safe.

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  14. Different ending and still God have its own way of saving and teaching lessons

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  15. My wife & I did cried after reading this powerful story, which is simply brings a important message!!

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  16. Hmm the devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy! And he is also the master of ALL disguise! I’m just really glad you all were saved! All Glory to God for that! Thank you so much for sharing! Much love! 💛

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  17. Your mother’s instincts were correct, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

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  18. I really enjoy how you added the pics to make your blog become real to the reader. Great job!

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  19. What a tale and well told. Thank You

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  20. This story oddly proves that everything has a price, even if one has to choose a mode of payment!

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  21. What a powerful, well-written story! You had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. I’m glad you and your parents were not physically hurt. I can’t imagine the terror each of you felt. I got caught in a flash flood while driving before daylight early one morning when I was 22 years old. Fortunately, I was able to get the car backed out of the water to safety. I remember it was like driving in wet cement. Very frightening!

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  24. Reblogged this on Tourism Observer and commented:
    What a nice story! Fiction or not, it is worth reading.


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  25. what a *ucking shit! but anyway, I like reading your stories.

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  26. Gelukkig werden jullie geholpen maar ook vriendelijke mensen kunnen plots veranderen in geldwolven

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  27. It was terrifying. I’m literally speechless right now.

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