Who’s The Bravest?|چه کسی شجاع تر است؟


An elementary school teacher ended the day with a homework assignment which was an essay with the subject of “who’s the bravest?”


He asked all of the students to have their essays ready to present to the entire class the following day. The teacher emphasized that there would be a grand prize for the best essay.


The next day, all of the students were excited and hoped to win the prize. The teacher was thrilled to hear what their pure minds brought on paper.

The first essay was about how brave a diver is to go deep into the dark scary ocean even though they might get attacked by sharks .


Next one wrote about the brave rock climbers who defeat all the danger to get to the peak.


Another one felt like the bravest are the campers who stay in forests alone with all the wild animals surrounding them.


All of the twenty four students read their essays one by one and talked about who they thought was the bravest.

Among all of the essays, only one got the prize and that was:

“I think the bravest person is a kid who introduces his parents to all his friends and society with pride even though their jobs are collecting garbage,


cleaning toilets, washing dishes, sweeping floors,


and many more. He knows that they work hard for him to live better and be loved and safe.

These brave kids are thankful to have parents who support them and love them. And

I believe the bravest one are fathers and mothers who do those jobs just to keep a roof on their family’s head, feed them, love them and send them to school


to be someone special someday so that they wouldn’t have to live and work like them. These parents raise great kids to build a great society.

I definitely see them as the bravest.”







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  1. People have a tendency to look down on garbage collectors. A very timely and critical story giving praise to an important segment of our society!

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  2. If I was the teacher I would have chosen the same essay for the prize, because the student and his parents were the bravest.😊

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  3. You’ve hit it on the nail. Snobbery and false perceptions work together to invalidate the more important sections of society. Without whom society would grind to a halt.

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  4. I agree with the young lad! It takes a great mind and soul to acknowledge their contributions to our society!

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  5. To be humbled, takes a lot of braveness, as this student wrote his essay about. Being brave to dive deep or climbing high might be a hobby or something greater to achieve of what you already have, but the simplicity of being humbled is the bravery of All.

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  6. I totally agree with this! I’ve thought it, and have conversations about it with others. Another way of looking at it is that doctors, firefighters, etc., already get so much praise and adoration. I have AT LEAST if not more respect for someone who will collect garbage or clean offices to support themselves / their family.

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  7. So true! Everyday heroes are often unsung! 🙂

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  8. Awww beautiful story as always with true morals behind them! God bless! 💛

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  9. A very good and moral story.. this truly defines braveness that many rarely appreciate

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  10. The unsung heroes we meet in schools every day and around town.

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  11. That would truly be a brave child. Excellently written, I might ad!

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  12. How touching! It’s a shame that society looks down on people who do those jobs vital to our lives. They do the things most of us don’t want to do. I admire them.

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  13. Thanks for following my blog.You posted an interesting post

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