Karim Khan Zand|کریم خان زند


Karim Khan Zand was the founder of the Zand Dynasty and the Shah of Iran in 1751-1779.

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He was from Shiraz and made Shiraz the Capital of Iran during those years. He was one of the kindest and most righteous kings of Iran.

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Zand ordered the construction of several architectural projects which are now museums.

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There are many stories about him and I will share one with you:


Every day at a certain time, Karim Khan’s palace was open to the public to come to visit the king and talk about their needs.

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Of course, there were many who tried to abuse his generosity and make some money out of it, but Karim Khan was smart.

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One of the days, a middle-aged man came to visit him and as soon as he saw the king, he started crying so loudly that no one could calm him. After a little while he began to tell his story;

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“I was born blind and for all these years I was suffering to make a living and take care of my old mother. One day, people told me to ‘go to Karim Khan’s father’s Tomb and ask for a miracle.’ I went to your father’s grave and cried and begged him to cure my eyes.

That night when I went to sleep, I had a dream that a holy presence walked towards me and introduced himself as Karim Khan’s father. He touched my eyes and left. When I woke up, I realized that I can see. Your father cured my eyes and I am here to thank you and ask for some money as you are a generous family.”

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Karim Khan got very angry and asked his guards to take both eyes of this impostor off, just to scare him.

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Karim Khan said: “My father was a bandit, a gangster, and a very debauched man. How could such a person bring upon a miracle and have a holy soul? I asked my guards to take your eyes out so you would never lie that you were blind since birth, just to beg for money. But I will forgive you this time and spare your vision. How could we build a great country if it is being based on lies, flattery, and rapacity.”


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  1. I really enjoy your stories. Thank you ! You are one special lady with a beautiful smile .

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  3. Karim Khan Zand was a wise ruler! Thank-you for this delightful post, that is educational as well as enjoyable.

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  4. Flattery and rapacity indeed. What a king and beautiful story I like that you sometimes write a story about Iran’s history good job

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  9. This is one great story.. I loved it.. 🎆😊

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  16. Karim Khan sounds very like the biblical Solomon. Unfortunately, there are too few men — and even fewer leaders — w/ such wisdom.

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