Kids have the kindest hearts|بچه ها مهربانترین قلبها رادارند





In a very small village, there was a little school with two classes, one for boys and one for girls.



A very kind couple were the teachers of the school.


Kids in the school were underprivileged. The couple wanted to help a lot but they didn’t have much either. They wrote to the school boards asking for some help but none of their letters were taken seriously.



One day, they decided to give one prize to each class from their own pocket to the extent that they could afford it.

They chose to give a complete outfit of a dress and shoes to one girl and a shirt, pants, and shoes to one boy.



The teachers went to their class and announced: “Now that school is almost over, the board is gifting one set of clothing for your hard work. Please write down your names and drop them into this bag. We will be pulling out one name and the lucky person will get the clothing.”


All the students dropped their folded paper in the bag.

Both teachers brought all the students to the front yard to do the balloting.


First was the girls’ polling. Their teacher put her hand in the bag and shuffled. She brought one paper out. When she unfolded it, there was a big “Sima” written on it.

Sima got so excited and cried secretly.


Now it was boys’ turn. Their teacher did the same and took out a paper and unfolded it.

“Ali” was written on the paper. Ali was Sima’s brother. They both won the prize and were so happy. The kids were cheering for them.


All the students went home and the couple looked at each other and said: “What a coincidence!”

Sima and Ali were a little poorer and more broken than the others.

The couple got curious and emptied their bags to see the names.

Tears came to their eyes when they saw only “SIMA” was written on all folded paper of girls’ class, and “ALI” on all folded paper of the boys.

Even though all the kids were in need, they all knew Sima and Ali needed the clothes more.

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  1. You write such beautiful heartfelt stories. Thank you Laleh. You are so brilliant! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. The whole world would be a better place if we retained the kind heart of a child throughout our lives. A very lovely and touching story that brings tears to my eyes. Thank-you!

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  3. Hi laleh your story was very sweet and emotional, oh my God what a nice thing the students did all together it’s admirable.

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  4. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    Great Hearts ❤❤❤

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  5. A touching story. A good read for both children and grown-ups about love and compassion.

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  6. I have three kids, a girl and two boys. I’ll make sure to tell them the story. It’s important and also necessary to remind them of these qualities. Be kind and compassionate. Thank you Laleh ❤️

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  7. Hi, Laleh. What a wonderful story!

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  8. Oh, my heart! I always love reading your stories! Please write more… 🙂

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  9. This was a beautiful story. ❤

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  10. What a different world ours would be if our adult ruling class had the hearts of those kids!

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  11. Laleh jestem z Polski. Poproszę córkę, aby założyła mi tu tłumacza i spróbuję czytać Twoje listy. Teraz mogę podziwiać fotografię, piękne zdjęcia, takie ujmujące serce. Basia

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  12. So sweet. Children can have hearts of gold.

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  13. Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!!

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  14. Such heart warming kindness of those kids

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  15. One rigged ballot we are all happy with. A very heartwarming story.

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  16. That’s Goood story:D

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  17. Such a sweet and inspiring story.

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  18. Powerful, short and the message delivered!!!

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  19. The teachers helped happines. It was not a sentence to fate. On one side okay, but…

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  20. What a wonderful story… We could learn a lot from children about charity…

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  21. It got me to tear up… and I’m a rock…

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  22. Great story about human compassion and kindness!

    Minor edits for you–
    [The] kids in the school
    Now it was [the] boys’ turn.

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  23. Wow, this was such a wonderful tale of Joy and Giving! Those children were so sweet! 💖 🌈

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  24. That is such a beautiful story. The world needs such lovely stories right now.

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  25. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it.
    And thank you very much for following my blog. 😊


  26. Wow! I love this one so much! So profound and just absolutely touching! God bless you always! Much love! Keep up the amazing work! ❤

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  27. This story is a lesson for everybody

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  28. lovely story and delightful pictures, they are good looking kids 🙂

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  29. What a heartbreaking and touching story. ♥

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  30. Beautiful, I’m so glad I decided to follow you. I hope it meets your approval for me to share these parables with others. Thank you.

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  31. This is such a heart warming story. Thank you for sharing this 🌷

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  32. What a story about kids kind hearts. They truly are amazing.
    Thank you for finding and following me. I will greatly follow you back now.

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  33. A Beautiful heart warming story! It touched my heart, Laleh!😊💕

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  34. Thank you Laleh for sending love and generous wisdom to so many around the world. I am challenged by your stories to be a better person, as well as am encouraged by the support you have recently given to my writing.

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  35. Wow !! The sweetest kindest hearts are in the young ones !! This is incredible that such love is shown openly !!

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  36. This is such a beautiful story! My heart is beaming ❤

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  38. Your cheerful faith is contageous,, just like love itself.

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  39. So sweet, it brought a tear to my eye. Is this a true story? It is certainly a lovely one.

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