Don’t mistake impolite behavior with being smart|رفتار غیراخلاقی رابا,باهوش بودن اشتباه نگیر



Shahrokh was at his friend’s house for a visit.


His friend’s son was doing homework when the doorbell rang. His friend’s father walked in with a box of color pencils for his grandson.


When the grandson got the gift he loudly said: “But grandpa, these colored pencils have no brand and they don’t have good quality.”


His friend’s wife smiled and said: “See Dad, you can’t trick kids these days because they are very smart.”


The poor grandpa didn’t know what to say.

Shahrokh didn’t like what he saw and heard so he looked at his friend’s son and said: “When I was a little boy, my grandma gifted me a broken sugar cube.


I didn’t like it but I politely said thank you and went to my Dad and complained quietly to him; “Why did your mother give me a sugar cube as a walk-in gift. This sugar cube is worth nothing.”

And my Dad said: “When Grandma was a little girl, it was world war II and people didn’t have enough food to eat and having a piece of sugar cube was a dream.


Grandma still believes the sugar cubes are precious and valuable because it was once her wish to have one.


I know that we have a full jar of sugar cubes in the house but they’re just sweet. They are not caring, loving and kind sugar cubes. When someone very close to us gives us a gift, they do it out of their sweetheart, they want to show us how much they love us and that is priceless. You will never be able to find that in any store with the most expensive price.” After 40 years I never found any sugar cube as sweet as my grandma’s gifts that could make my heart and soul sweet as well.”


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  1. It’s such a beautiful story and take away 😊👌

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  2. Thank you for sharing and so true… in world of self-gratification, it seems the gift is more important than the feelings of why the gift were given…. 🙂

    “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

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  3. Beautiful and instructive

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  4. Beautiful indeed , I think it’s going to be interesting if you make a book of your tales! You’re stories are stunning.

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  5. They say there are two kind of kids: the naughty ones and yours.

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  6. Many, many times we often know NOT what we already have until it is gone. Perhaps never to return. Deprivation stimulates gratefulness proportionally I think. It is not so bad to be deprived sometimes of the very good things in life when it causes us to be more grateful. 🙂

    Wonderful story Laleh.

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  7. The ultimate truth, learn the true value of things!

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  8. Wisdom is the shared “sugar cube” of LIFE.

    Thank you for this precious gift,

    May God guide our life paths,


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  9. I must remember this story when my grandchildren seem ungrateful for the gifts they are given. Thank you.

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  10. Many youngsters noweday do not understand this lesson. They have everything they need to live and not know fear, hunger or thirst. Even my daughter is so demanding, asking for another gift 5 minutes after she has already received one. I wish, I could take her to Africa where children are dying of hunger or even to close Ukraine where home war is still going on, to see with her own eyes how much she already have …

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  12. Great story with a wonderful message … be grateful and know the other’s values 🙂

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  13. I once received a gift that I treasured, because it came from a cousin I greatly admire. When we moved, twenty-five years later,the gift, a glass punch bowl, fell on the driveway and shattered. I still feel sorrow when I think of that. Yes, it is the person, not the item, who matters most.

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  14. Lovely message 💟💐👌👏

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  15. When a small child gives us a little stone or a broken flower we say thank you and how kind of you. It should be the same for any gift from anyone.

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  16. As a former teacher , my experience shows that you cannot buy off young students and expect positive results.

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  17. Thank you. To share 🙂

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  18. A gift that expresses love has more value than any expensive gift without love.!
    Precious story Laleh!

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  19. That’s really sweet story . How you come up with such exciting , inspiring stories.
    Loved it👌

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  20. Beautiful, thank you Laleh. This is a much-needed message these days, it seems!

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  21. Love this story. We live in such abundance now…and we forget to appreciate…This is such a great reminder.

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  22. Beautiful story. Always have an attitude of gratitude, Be thankful for and in all things, treating others with kindness..

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  23. Awww ❤ now I want a sugar cube lolol!
    Lovely story!

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  24. This was a good reminder, I think we’ve all had moments like that when we judge a gift based on its face value and not on why it’s being given.

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  26. That’s such a sweet story .. loved it and I liked the positive message behind this story ..great post

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  27. You tell beautiful stories. ❤

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  28. Prachtig verhaal en soms hebben kinderen een verklaring nodig om zaken te begrijpen

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  29. This is lovely 😊 I’m reblogging it to my sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

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  30. True, today’s generation have forgotten the politeness and love of the gift given ! All are just getting old in a selfish materialistic world ! A very painful scene it is

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  31. It is true that gifts are of sentimental value and that was the sugar cube. I like to give gifts made by myself.

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