Let’s have fun|بیا خوش بگذرانیم

“56th story”


A group of young boys was passing by a fruit garden as they were hiking.



On their way, they saw a pair of ripped shoes and a faded color shirt and worn-out pants besides a tree.


Three of the boys laughed and pointed at the clothes and said who would wear that?

They made fun a lot and one of them said: “Let’s have some fun today.”

The other boy said: “I think it belongs to a fruit picker labor.”


The third boy laughed hard and said: “Oh my God, these must be his best clothes and he changed into something worst then these!”

The first boy said: “Let’s take his clothes and hide behind a tree and see if he cries, that would be a great laugh.”

The second boy said: “Let’s leave a frog in his shoes. That would be hilarious.”

The fourth boy was listening to all their conversations and smiled and said: “Do you know what would be more fun?”

All three boys were listening carefully.

Forth boy continued: “Seems like these shoes are the same size as mine so I could leave my shoes for him and wear his; just to go home and if you like we can hide behind a tree and watch if he gets happy?”


The first boy who was embarrassed by his thinking compare to his friend’s fabulous idea; said: “I have a little money with me, we can leave it in your shoes for him too.”


The second and third boy said together: “We have money too.”


All four boys left their money in the forth boy’s shoes and hid behind a tree and waited. A middle-aged skinny man with severe sunburn came by the tree.

channel-3631268__340 (1)

He noticed that his shoes were missing and saw the new pair of shoes, tears came in his eyes. He grabbed the shoes and saw that there was money in the shoes. He burst into cry and looked at the sky and said: “God I never doubt that you always watch over our shoulders.”

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  1. Beautiful message in the story Laleh. 👌

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  2. Nice and well written story, loved it. Thank you

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  3. Such a wonderful story. Thank you.

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  4. I always read treasures on your blog……..thank you!

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  5. God answers prayers, knowing or unknowingly. When God moves your heart; others gets blessed, and prayers gets answered! A wonderful story Laleh!

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  6. Just a very enlightening story, I am sure it is true in somebody’s life.

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  7. Beautiful story – especially how the fourth boy had the courage to go against the grain and shamed the others into following.

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  8. Wow it’s such a beautiful and powerful story ❤️

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  9. I loved this story of unselfish sharing with a stranger. Thank you for sharing it.

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  10. Your stories are so wonderful. Thank you for posting stories that make me (and other readers) want to be better versions of ourselves!

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  11. A wonderful lesson for all of us! We should each do what we can, give what we can and try to be an example for others.

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  12. A story with morals. Keep writing ma’am.

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  13. Love this story of one voice changing a practical joke into someone’s blessing. Wonderful photos to enhance the words. ❤

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  14. Awww you made me cry … seriously, its so so inspiring. I loved it.

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  15. Love it 👌

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  16. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    More from Laleh 😉

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  17. Hi Laleh, nice to meet you again. I hope you’re all right. A wonderful fable, with a great lesson.. Thanks for this.In the wonderful tradition of your country of birth. There, others had “borrowed” the stories which, for example, could be found in the Bible several times. :-)) Have a nice Sunday! Michael

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  18. So some evil plans were turned into something definitely good… Wonderful!

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  19. Oh I love this so much. I always look forward to your stories Laleh.

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  20. Love this story, Laleh. It has so many layers of meaning. The first I see is that God works through us but it must be through those who are sensitive and kind hearted like the first boy. God also works through those who become contrite and humbled like the boy’s friends. Such a great story. I hope your next book contains these little gems.

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  21. P.S. I also think the Divine can work through people who we least expect, not just the kind of people I mention. In your story it is through those who have that ability to be kind.

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  22. This was a beautiful story, Laleh, and shows we humans are capable of compassion when we get out of our own heads and think about others.

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  23. Such a cute story; all it takes is one brave person to change the minds of many. 🙂

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  24. What a beautiful story imbibed with a great lesson!

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  25. Thanks so much for coming by my blog. Brought me here and i absolutely LOVE it. What a charming story and you say it so well, with beautiful pictures too! Thank YOU! 🙂

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  26. A very proud friend once ran out of money and had not eaten in five days. He refused all of our offers to buy him a meal saying he would soon get paid for some work he’d done.

    We were sitting at a sidewalk table when he got the idea of looking in the gutters for change that might have dropped out of someone’s pockets when they fed the parking meter. He decided to walk down to the end of the street first, then walk back checking the gutters.

    While his back was turned walking down the street, I took a few dollars out of my wallet and dropped them in the gutter. He came ambling along and found them. “You see, Paul! The power of positive thinking!”

    Like most people, I have often given people small sums of money. But that day was the happiest for me.

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  27. Such a kind child! Oh, what a wonderful ending!! 🌞 🌈👞👞

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  28. Wow this post is incredibly amazing with such a powerful message. Thank you for sharing this ❤

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  29. Sharing your beautiful story, Laleh…

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  30. This was beautiful, just goes to show – we have the power to change a negative of any kind into a positive – it only takes one voice to do it. Great Story as always!!

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  31. Weer zo’n pracht verhaal.Hoe 1 jongen de anderen kan overtuigen positieve dingen te doen is werkelijk fantastisch

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  32. A great lesson in a beautiful little story❤️

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  33. So beautiful and inspiring! ❤ ❤

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  34. Fairy tale story. How much good a man can do to another person. Just as bad. It depends on what we have in our hearts.

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  35. I enjoyed how you told the story, simply and without moralising.
    You leave the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.
    Nicely done.

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  36. What a clear picture of the choice presented to us all! We can empathize w/ those less fortunate or do something to improve their plight. ❤

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  37. Wonderful, uplifting story. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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