Beautiful word of “LOVE”|کلمه زیبای عشق

“70th story”


He was supposed to become a doctor. But of course, this was what his father told him to do.


His father said: “Study hard and become a doctor. Doctors make good money, you’d be able to buy a great house, buy wonderful gifts for your wife, and have a great life.”


He was a little boy so he didn’t know what exactly “study hard to have a great life” meant but he could see in his father’s eyes that it was inordinate.

Eventually, the boy fell in love with their neighbor’s daughter and every night he would stand at his window and look at her.


The boy often wrote letters to the girl explaining that he would become a doctor, buy a house for her along with great gifts. But he never gave her the letters, he just kept them in a box.


One day, when the boy was now in his teens, his father came home and said: “My son, it is very hard to get into the medical school. It would be a waste of time. You should become an engineer. They study in a short period of time and they make good money too. You can be rich that way too.”


The boy could see happiness in his father’s eyes and he had to become an engineer. He started to write new letters to his love and explain how an engineer could make her happy too and again put the letters in the same box.


One day he saw that his love was walking in the street with another young man. It was too late to hand all those letters to her. She belonged to someone else.


Years passed and that boy didn’t become a doctor, nor an engineer, scientist or anything that his father was dreaming for him. He became a poet, a writer.

He never told his son what to become.

He wrote to his son: “My dear son, fall in love, and every single day give her the gift of the beautiful word ‘love.’”

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  1. You’re a beautiful writer and a wonderful person Laleh.❤️

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  2. Beautiful…loved this extract from the book!! 🙂

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  3. Great story, and great pictures too. Keep them coming …

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  4. Beautiful written story and I loved this sentence: “He never told his son what to become.”

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  5. Poignant and lovely story with a hard lesson. We need to give before it may be too late. Thank you.

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  6. A lovely story for this time of year

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  7. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    A wonderful short story about life and love 😊❤

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  8. Lovely thoughts, thanks for sharing!… you and your family have a wonderful holiday filled with love and happiness!.. 🙂

    “Love knows no bounds or time, love is the spirit of the heart, love is the life support of hope, love is the force behind compassion, love is the foundation for true friendships, relationships….without love, life is barren and cold”…. (Larry “Dutch” Woller)

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  9. Namaste Laleh, how are you? 🙂

    A boy often lives in the shadow of his father, but becomes a man when sitting in the light of his own truth. This a deeply moving reminder that Love grows from within as much as from without. I was touched by your story and moved by its sentiment and for a moment lost for words.

    What greater Love is there than knowing the truth of what we are: ‘to know thyself’ is the most profound journey one can ever embark upon for the destination and struggle to get there is far greater and far more fulfilling than riches or wealth could ever provide.

    Wonderful writing Laleh, truly delightful, thank you 🙂

    Namaste ❤


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    • P.S: For those who enjoy music with their reading, these words are the opening lines to a track called, ‘Simple Man,’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd’. It is a beautiful song.

      Mama told me when I was young
      “Come sit beside me, my only son
      And listen closely to what I say
      And if you do this it’ll help you some sunny day”

      Namaste 🙂


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    • Your amazing words are always touching, appreciate your kindness. Thanks for always being supportive. Merry Christmas 🎄 ❤️

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      • Namaste Lelah 🙂

        Thank you for sharing your inspired storytelling. It’s a pleasure to visit your Blog and often I leave feeling wiser for having been here. Your tales are uplifting and always poignant: straightforward narratives – almost parables – conveying complex truths. A delight to read.

        Yes indeed, Brightest Blessings for the festive period and beyond into the New Year. I trust you and yours will celebrate a joyously loving Christmas together.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful kind words towards me, you’re an awesome friend.❤️


  10. so lovely extract and with lovely lesson too 🙂

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  11. Kalmah zibai Ishq- is that what written in Persian?

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  12. “He started to write new letters to his love and explain how an engineer could make her happy too and again put the letters in the same box.” This made me smile.

    Beautiful story.

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  13. “He never told his son what to become.”
    ~ This comment baffled me since it contradicts what went before.

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  14. Dear Laleh, I love your beautiful spirit. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a splendid New Year, filled with Love and Creativity. It would be wonderful to meet you in person, if you ever go on book signing tours, please let me know.

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  15. You are an amazing story teller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn’t manage yet to buy your book but i will i promise it to you!!

    You will promise that you will not stop writting!!!!

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  16. Let the children live their lives. Let’s not design the future for them. Let’s make our dreams come true. A beautiful illuminating history. And let us not hesitate with showing love. You should forge the iron while it is hot.

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  17. A life lesson learned the hard way.. (Much enjoyed reading it) 🍸

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    More from Laleh. Happy Christmas everyone. 🙂

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  20. Very nice Laleh, parents eh? Happy Christmas.

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  21. Wow.

    What a powerful story.

    Have a very Happy New Year. ❤

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  22. This blog exemplifies captivating passion. Your book must be a great success.

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  23. A beautiful love story, Laleh…

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  24. Yeah.the word of “love” is most sweet n beautiful.all doors of universe n heaven are opened for is amazing gift given by God to His pupils.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  25. Hi Laleh, Thank you! You express yourself so beautifully.I shall have to succumb and buy your book, dear Laleh. I married a man (many moons ago)who said “We’ll never be rich, but we’ll never be hungry and I’ll always love you.” And we haven’t been…and he has….So I’ve been blessed. Hugs xx

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  26. There is no more beautiful feeling than love. I wish that love would meet every human being, and every person would get to know its taste.
    Best wishes

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  29. Love overcomes hardships and gives hope for happiness.
    I gave greetings

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  30. Lovely, lovely story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  31. Beautiful story. This was just terrific.~ Dave

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