Stupid Beggar|گدای احمق

“82nd story”


There once lived a beggar in a small town. The beggar walked daily in the local Bazaar and downtown area.



Everyone in town knew him for years. He was famous for his stupidity, and people made fun of him daily.


Every single day, people showed him two coins; one silver and the other one gold, then they asked him to choose.


He always chose the silver one which was less in value. New people used to come to visit after they heard about the stupid beggar. They offered him both coins just to see if the story was true.


And when he did pick the silver coin, they started making fun of him. This became an ongoing habit for people for years.


A kind by-passer heard the story and went to see this stupid beggar. When he saw that it was true and that the beggar was truly stupid, he felt bad.


He got closer to the beggar and whispered in his ears: “The gold coin is worth more when people offer you two coins pick the gold one. Then they will not laugh at you.”


The beggar responded: “Thank you for your concern. You are a very kind man. But don’t worry I have been very smart all these years. If I take the gold coin, they would never pay me again.


But each one of them has paid me many gold coins in total all these years. I may look stupid to them, but it was them that was naive. I am making a good living out of their stupidity.”


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  1. Well written story. From the beginning, I knew the beggar was a smart one.

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  2. Smart beggar indeed! Another of your not-to-be-missed stories

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  3. Interesting and unique story, pictures look great, have you took it by yourself?🤗

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  4. Just wow, very well written. I loved reading this story 💝

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  5. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    Hey, a great story 😂👍👍❤

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  6. I love this story!

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  7. Laleh, I always enjoy the way you weave your stories of life’s lessons. We are so quick to judge others by our own standards that the truth of a situation evades us.

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  8. Things are not always what they seem. Well done! ❤

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  9. Also Thank you for the videos, I will watch them in the weekend ❤

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  10. Very smart beggar, I’ve meet a few of these 🙂

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  11. Wow, what a story!❤️❤️

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  12. Laleh, I love this post! Those olives look delicious! Such beautiful photos to go with a beautiful story. ❤

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  13. Laleh, this time your brilliant story made me laugh. It’s like the saying” Who is the monkey, the one behind the fence or the one in front of the fence”

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  14. Definitely a wise one, who fooled others 😀

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  15. I am so glad when i am reading your stories!!!!!!!!!! Kisses !!!!!!!!!

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  16. A very inspirational and beautiful story, thank you for sharing it! And the pictures…absolutely amazing, they touched my heart.
    Have a blessed day!

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  17. This is a lovely story, so well written and with such a powerful moral message. Many people in this world should act more wisely like the beggar people laughed at. I also love the colorful pictures you have chosen to illustrate it. Thank you so much for the follow. I really appreciate this. However, there is a much better writer than me, whom I strongly recommend you and all your followers. It is my friend Mario Savioni. His novel “Pickles and Tarts” (very short chapters, easy to read), is a story where 54-year-old Frank has been selected by 19-year-old Nicole through a dating site. Frank looks at Nicole’s photos on the site and is attracted to her beauty. Nicole tells him she has a boyfriend and is not interested in a romantic relationship. She adds: “It’s fun to talk to different people sometimes.” The only apparent thing Frank and Nicole seem to have in common is their interest to write stories. Perhaps they want to meet just to write one together? “Pickles and Tarts” is a lovely story of illusion-delusion, dream-reality, non-conformist with the Capitalist system, reflective on love, sex and human relationships in today’s world. It is profound and highly intriguing:

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  18. A wise man, because it is better to sell more and cheaper than once for a gold coin.
    We have a proverb here: It’s better to wisely lose than to find a stupid one.

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  19. Interesting story. It’s sad that people get enjoyment out watching someone they think is stupid, even though it reflects badly on them – they are too naive to even see it. Sometimes we are too quick to judge.

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  20. Most interesting story,dear Laleh🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  21. Judging others prematurely is stupid as well. Thanks for reading my blog.

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  22. Nice post. Often it us those people thought to be stupid are the smartest ones.

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  23. Amazing grit right there.

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  24. I saw a version of this “Little Johnny” with a nickel and dime. Love this version even more!

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  25. Brilliant! It takes a very smart person to appear that stupid.

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  26. Wow, that’s a smart story!

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  27. Reading the story, I thought it would end like that. Going to work, I pass a crazy woman who aggressively demands 10 zlotys. Everyone bypasses her. And a modest old woman who asks 1 zloty easily to please and puts many into the cup. Maybe it’s a different story, but it’s the same thing.

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  28. A funny story with a great moral! Well done! 🙂

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  29. nice article. Learned something from it

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  30. Una parabola molto vera, un insegnamento non una furbizia.
    La leggerò sicuramente domani al mio nipotino.
    Grazie carissima
    Shera 🌹

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  31. Haha good one. Loving your stories.

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  32. Great story. The ending surprised me.

    Minor edit: I wouldn’t put a semicolon after “two coins”

    Semicolons join independent clauses.

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  34. This is a fantastic story that has an important moral! The beggar is much smarter than all the people who make fun of him!
    In Italy it is said that those who want too much do not want anything. It means that if you want something big right away, you will end up with nothing in your hands!

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