Golden Knife|چاقوی طلایی

“86th story”


A Wise man had a guest in his house when someone knocked on his door.


The judge of the town had sent a messenger to invite the Wise man for dinner.

The Wise man told the messenger: “Please thank the judge for his kindness, but it would be impolite to leave my guest at home, so I have to refuse.”


The messenger came back after a while and said: “The judge invited your guest as well.”

The Wise man and his guest went to the big mansion of the judge.


Most of the important people of the town walked in one by one. Everyone sat on the floor.


The servants spread a long cloth and set the plates and food on them. People ate and talked. After that, the servants cleaned up and brought fruits to everyone.


The Wise man’s guest took a knife out of his pocket to cut the fruit with. The knife grabbed everyone’s attention with its unique handle made of pure gold decorated with some valuable rubies and emeralds.


A man stood up to the judge and claimed that the knife belonged to his father. He said: “We are six brothers. We are all here and they are my witness. This knife belongs to us. It was lost for a long time, now we know who stole it.”



The Wise man and his guest immediately realized that the six brothers were lying and just wanted to have that valuable knife.

The problem was that the six brothers were popular in the town so it was very hard to convince the Judge that they were liars and thieves.


The Wise man stood up and explained to the judge: “My guest is a very close friend of mine. I know all about this knife and yes, their story is true and the knife isn’t his. His father was a great, honest merchant and when he was traveling from one town to another, a group of bandits attacked him, took all his belongings and stabbed the merchant in the heart with this knife.


They ran away when others came to help and the knife stayed in the merchant’s heart. My guest was a young man at that time. He took the knife out of his father’s dead body, held onto it all these years, presented it in every big gathering, just to find the real owner to determine who was his father’s murderer. Thank God that we found the owner and we are in front of the most honest judge that I know.”


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  1. Quite interesting. But I thought the wise man would not let go the golden knife 🤔

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  2. Interesting fable. Enjoyed reading it.

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  3. Clever story. You could give Aesop a run for his money. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  4. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    That is Wisdom 👍❤

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  5. Excellent, so witty. Wonderful read. 🍒

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  6. What a twist in the tale! 👌

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  7. I love that story. It reminds me of a aimilar story that forms part of the Irish collection of (believed to be) )bronze-age myths. One wonders if they have the same source.

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  8. I loved the story.. Intresting 👍

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  9. Wonderful anecdote.
    We are surrounded by the people who always keep an evil eye on whatever we have. That man was lucky as he had a wise friend,but most of us face the situation alone.
    Be ware evil people. 👹
    God bless all of us.

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  10. Eeek! That’s an exciting one.

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  11. Quick thinking! I like how the Wiseman turned the tables on them.

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  12. Different and interesting story shared

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  13. another amazing story and wow! Canadian’s Book Award Winner…………such an amazing and very well deserved honor. bless you!

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  14. Clever wise man, and a quite good friend.

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  15. Another wonderful morality tale!

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  16. What an unexpected turn of events! Love your story, Laleh 🙂

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  17. Was the judge the murderer?

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  18. Laleh, you have written a beautiful story. I enjoyed how it ended. Thank you for sharing.

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  19. A very clever plot. Love it☺️

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  20. What wisdom – loved the story

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  21. Laleh, through all your beautiful stories, I’ve gotten to know your brilliant writing, knowing that there will be a great twist to the story. A great one, leaving it up to the six brothers, how to handle their twisted story. There is always a karma that takes care of “twisters” like them.

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  22. Interesting and great your story where the truth triumphs thanks to the intelligent use of lies.
    Thanks for posting and hugs from the other side.

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  23. Interesting and great your story where the truth triumphs thanks to the intelligent use of lies.
    Thanks for posting and hugs from the other side.

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  24. This is wonderful and interesting…
    I nominated your blog and 6 others for an award, but I didn’t inform any of you on time because of the responsibility attached to receiving it.

    Personally, I know that creating a post can be tiring at times, and that’s something I wouldn’t want any of you to face, especially after you might have received the same or similar awards several times in the past.

    Your blogs were listed because of they are highly valuable to me.

    You can create a short blog post to receive the award!

    just wanted to let you know about the nomination.


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  25. Loved the story mate… Interesting and twisted..

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  26. And so the willingness to profit against the liars turned

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  27. I was almost there but…………………..

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  28. So interesting love your story

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  30. Such a clever way of handling the situation….
    A real good one Mam.

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  31. Great. Serves the six brothers right.

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  32. What an interesting turn of events! Great story, Laleh. Also, your blog looks wonderful! Very professional and inviting.

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