Mysterious Chinese palace|کاخ اسرار آمیز چینی

“95th story”


A story by Laleh Chini:

My son had a strange dream:

He said:

A group of us got lost in a city in China.


It was around 12:30 pm and we were starving. There was no civilization. Fear and hunger took over and as we gazed at the top of a distant hill, we saw a grand palace with Chinese architecture.


We naturally gravitated towards it but as we got closer, all of us felt fear of this place. We climbed almost 60 stairs that entered the palace.


Slowly my friends were saying: “Oh man, thank God we found this place. There are people waving in the window. There’s got to be food here.”

I was freaking out because I saw zero people. We got to the entrance and the doors were open.


I remember looking at my time and it read at 3 pm.

Now I could see people who were calm, beautiful, happy – no one was scared. But I was, I was not completely sold like my friends. I still followed them and sat at a table with them but any opportunity I found; I told them: “Guys please let’s get out of here. I don’t feel good about this.”


A petite lady came in with a tray full of freshly cooked chicken, vegetables, eggs, roasted potatoes, seasoned rice and etc. She fills the table from one edge to another and left.


I remember when we finished eating, I looked at my watch and it read 5:30 pm. I knew that in half an hour it would start to get dark so I told my friends: “Now that we ate, let’s get the bill and start heading back and see if we can find our way back to town.


My friends said: “This is a hotel man; we should all stay.”

I said: “Absolutely not! I don’t trust this place; the food was enough so let’s get out of here.”

After arguing and trying to convince them, one of them said: “Go find the lady and ask how we can get back to town.”

I got up and walked to find that lady. There were many windows, beautiful tables and paintings and rugs placed everywhere.


But I saw no one…!and out the window, the sun had left and it was getting dark.


I ran back with fear and nervousness to my friends. When I got to our table,!they were all gone.

No food on the table, no chairs. Dust everywhere, spider webs were all over the place.


I felt a sudden shiver down my spine. That unexpected anxiety was killing me and I woke up. Knowing it was all a dream was the best feeling.

***{[I personally believe that all dreams have a message/meaning:

What do you believe is the meaning behind this dream?]} ***


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  1. 😂😂it has a crystal clear meaning, he is going to be dodged by his friends (heaven forbids)

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  2. As per Chinese reading you visit hell. As its a illusion you see and more over there was no stairs no building and no food. You enter no man s land. If you believe a dream as per me it’s negative you may find some thing bad or it alert you to be careful. So if it’s a story it’s cool to read if it’s a real dream just be careful.

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  3. I like the story. As to the possible meaning of the dream, I’d say: Beware of following your friends against better judgement, cos when trouble blows, they won’t stick around.

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  4. Pay attention to your feelings.

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  5. What a dream,hopefully won’t come true.

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  6. Intriguing; maybe the idea that we can’t trust in riches and what we see may not be the true, tangible life. 🙂

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  7. Not an interpreter of dreams…. the pictures go well with Chinese theme of the story!!

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  8. It is definitely a warning, dear Laleh. I have seen dreams that always come true since childhood. I even write them down in a special notebook. I have been doing this for years. Any dream is a message & this one is very serious. I hope he will manage to guess it out in time.
    Best wishes,

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  9. A wonderful story. Perhaps your son is concerned or even worried about the future and doesn’t believe his friends will be there for him.

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  10. Very interesting dream, China could be the symbol for oriental life. Has your son got trouble when you left Iran? He might took this since so many years and a subject might awaken the memories of this suffering 🤗❤

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  11. To me, dreams have most of the time a message, yet often we can’t realize or understand it right away, it may take years to get to this ” Aha” moment when we can see clearly the message behind a dream, as I have experienced so many times in my live. So now to your sons dream, my first thought was … trust your own guts and feelings which come up in the first moment and follow them , no matter what friends tell you to do…. the message could be… believe in your self.

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  12. Interesting, fun, spooky – enjoyed it immensely.

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  13. la paura di perdere ciò che realmente possediamo.

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  14. When something is too good, there must be a fraud. Especially if it occurs in a peculiar place like this 🙂

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  15. I would say he were given two choices, one to step into the light and live life or remain in the darkness and never know true happiness… 🙂

    “Life is a process of becoming… a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin

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  16. Yikes, that would be so creepy! Is this a dream you had yourself, Laleh? I’d say there are perhaps two aspects, one of instinct and one of loneliness. Perhaps feeling as though there are times you should trust your gut instinct and intuition but you don’t, or sometimes feel you should ignore it in favour of other forms of reasoning? Maybe there are feelings of things being ‘too good to be true’? Definitely a fascinating dream with a lot of layers when you unravel it. xx

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  17. This was a spooky story. Your pictures really enhanced it. Based upon my own experience in the dream world, I would guess that your son was hungry as he was sleeping. The Chinese architecture were symbols from the unconscious mind.

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  18. Very good Laleh. Somehow it reminded me of the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California.’

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  19. Trust your gut!
    That’s the core message of the dream.

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  20. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  21. I don’t know much about interpreting dreams. My first thought was that one should always follow their gut instinct. Perhaps your son should be wary of following friends in any situation in which he has immediate misgivings about where they want him to go or what they want him to do. Giving in to peer pressure has led many people astray. This is a message that we all should follow.

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  22. You are truly commendable. Beautiful stories shared by you.

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  23. Amazing nerrarion..

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