Don’t be the last person|آخرین نفر نباش

“113th story”


In the 1960s Barbara was driving on a very stormy night. She was exhausted and hungry when she felt a flat tire. Barbara parked beside the road and stood by her car for help.


She waved for every vehicle that was passing, but none of them stopped to help Barbara. She was there for almost an hour, and it was freezing when a rusty old car parked behind her car.


A young man walked out of the vehicle; Barbara got a little scared. The young man said: “It is frigid, go and sit in the car while I change the tire.”


Barbara got very happy. When the young man changed the tire knocked on the window, Barbara walked out of her car, thanked him, and handed him a bill of fifty.


The young man refused and said: “I didn’t do it for money, just promise to pass the help.”

Barbara went to a diner to eat at that night. The waitress was a pregnant young girl.


Barbara ordered her food and asked for the bill. The waitress left it on the table, and the amount was around twenty dollars.



When the waitress wanted to collect the money saw a hundred dollar bill with a note saying: “The rest of the money is for you. I know it is tough to work when you are carrying a child. A young man told me tonight –Don’t be the last person to help others.-“



When the young girl went home and showed her husband the note and thanked God for the help. The young man wiped his tears and said: “She didn’t break her promise.”



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  1. Great message!
    And I am not the last person here 😀 😀

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  2. That’s a beautiful story, Ma’am 💕💕

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  3. Beautiful!

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  4. beautiful message!

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  5. Great story and what an interesting and emotional end thanks for sharing.

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  6. Salute to mankind 🙌✌️👌👍

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  7. It’s all about giving & taking…
    Such a beautiful note

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  8. Fantansic Great story Love to hear more from you thanks.

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  9. What a lovely story! I didn’t see the ending coming. Great writing, Laleh!

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  10. Such a sweet tale that I think perfectly captures the notion of ‘what goes around comes around’, and what good you put out into the world will come back to you if you open your heart. Lovely, Laleh. xx

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  11. Laleh, you’ve done it again! What a touching story of kindness extended to a stranger with no strings attached! Throughout my journey through life, I’ve learned time and time again that the good we do come back to us in the most unexpected ways and from the most unlikely people.

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  12. Amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

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  13. Hey Laleh, how are you?

    A story such as this readily restores my faith in human nature: that when we give unconditionally the reward for our kindness is returned exponentially. What we each give is never about equal amounts but more about equal sacrifice 😀

    Another little gem of a story to brighten up our day, thank you Laleh.



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  14. Beautiful! This story is about the best of human kind. So often the news is filled with the worst of it.

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  15. Receiving and giving is a wonderful gift, they marry each other.

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  16. A wonderful story of people caring for people! A lovely share, Laleh!

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  17. Laleh this is a wonderful message, created beautifully. It is a blessing to help others, it is an expression that can travel the miles and make a huge impact. The young man took the time and stopped, rendered his service. Sowing seeds of love, kindness and service. He wanted nothing, but for her to pay it forward, to give and sow into another. He was blessed, It came around full circle.

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  18. As always, you share love, goodness and good works with others. If all people were like that, the world would be even more beautiful.
    best regards

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  19. Beautiful. If only we would all remember to pass kindness forward. ❤

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  20. I love stories about kindness. This is goooood. I shared it.

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  21. To me, this is equally a story about trust of strangers.

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  22. Another surprising ending. Loved it!

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  23. We need such stories. Wonderful!

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