The Great Re-write|دوباره نویسی عالی

“117th story”



A man was sitting in his room with deep sad thoughts and a pen in his hand. He wrote: “I’ve had a terrible year. Last year I had surgery and took my gallbladder out.


I had to stay at home for a while because I had complicated surgery.


I turned sixty in that year and lost my job. I worked for thirty years for this publishing company and loved my job.


I lost my father in that sad year, and it broke my heart. My son had a severe accident last year, and because of his injuries and being in the cast, he couldn’t participate in exams and lost his chance of medical school that year.


The car turned into a piece of garbage, and we didn’t have full coverage insurance to fix it. Oh dear God, what a terrible year.”

He left his writing on his desk and left the room for a walk.

His wife came to the room and saw her husband’s gloomy note.


She sat there and grabbed a paper, and wrote, “I had a blessed year last year. I got rid of my painful gallbladder, I was in severe pain for years, and now I am free of that.


I reached my sixty when I was fully healthy. Now was a great time to retire and focus on my dream, which is writing. My father passed away peacefully, and he lived a healthy life on his own, not in a death bed.


Last year my son miraculously came out of a horrible accident only with some broken bones, we lost a car, but my son can walk, talk, and live like before. What a blessing year it was indeed.”

She left the note for her husband and left the room.

“We should remember that it’s not only the happiness that could be a blessing. We have to be thankful for many negative things that didn’t go worse.”


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  1. Beautiful, Laleh! Sometimes praise and thanksgiving really is a sacrifice — we don’t feel it at all until we make ourselves do it. Then, it flows! 🙂

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  2. A great reminder for us all. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Love this, Laleh. What a powerful message creatively woven within the story. See the blessing beyond the challenge, hurt pain and loss.

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  4. Thanks for reminder 🤗🙏💜

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  5. So TRUE! Beautifully written!

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  6. There are always two ways to look at life: with positivity in one’s heart or with dark, negative eyes. You’ve expressed this truth so well in your story, Laleh. ❤

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  7. Your story’s are meaningful and life lesson and in this one we learned that no matter what we always have to be optimistic like the man and his son could have been dead.

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  8. Wise words, Laleh. My sister recently told me that I tend to see “the glass half empty” instead of “half full.” I had no idea I was being a negative person. I’m trying to do better.

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  9. Great message conveyed, friend!

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  10. Dear Laleh, as always sharp & wise! Thanks for reminding about the value of calamities in our life! There is no personality without difficulties!

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  11. Ah…. Perspectives.
    Im facing something like that at the moment. Thank you for the timely reminder to take note, assess and remind myself to remain grounded in spirit and attitude.

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  12. Hey Laleh, how are you?

    Some say life is a roller-coaster. When all is well with our world it is easy to feel grateful, and blessed, but not so when apparent stress, strain, misfortune and/or misadventure befalls us. At such moments it is very difficult to feel optimistic about the future and appreciative of all that have, but as your artful story suggests it only takes a slight change of one’s perspective to see that the miracle of life in all its glory doesn’t stop being remarkable, beautiful or wondrous just because skies are grey: somewhere in the world the sun will be shining and the stars glowing behind the veil.

    Enjoy the remainder of your week. Take care,


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  13. I love this. It is all in how we see the events in our lives.

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  14. YES, his wise wife is so right. We always have a choice, how we want to look and perceive life events.

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  15. Beautiful and congratulations for the book

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  16. How true this is….wonderful❤

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  17. Dark side or Bright side, it’s up to you to choose 🙂

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  18. Dovremmo sempre avere il coraggio di guardare la vita sia in negativo che in positivo.
    Sicuramente impareremmo che c’è sempre una via d’uscita alle nostre inquietudini.

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  19. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    Everything will be taken in the eyes of the beholder🙏❤

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  20. Absolutely wonderful story, Laleh! 🙂

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  21. I praise the Lord for my life even if I’m sitting on my throne on wheels since 1995.
    Life is wonderful ❤

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  22. It’s all about how you look at things 🙂 Great story!

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  23. Thanks for the inspiration. Next time I catch myself complaining, I’ll try to stop in my tracks and “rewrite!”

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  24. Wise words indeed and words to live by. Best regards from Florida.

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  25. Tubularsock loved your tale of different views.
    Made Tubularsock laugh aloud.

    We are each the projection of our own reality
    and yet all one.

    Thanks for stopping by Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

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  26. May we always remember to vent as necessary but then remember what we still can hold on to which gives us joy. This was lovely, Laleh!

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  27. Please keep up your good work. Thanks for being a friend.

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  28. Like they say, one can look at a glass as half full or half empty. The facts have not changed, only the perspective.

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