Leave the bone in|بگذار استخوان داخل زخم باقی بماند

“118th story”



There lived a butcher in a small town. One of the days, the butcher cut his hand very deep and had to go to the only doctor in the township.


The doctor checked the wound carefully and realized there is a small piece of bone inside the wound.

The doctor cleaned the wound and patched it and left the little piece of bone inside the cut, and told the butcher: “You have to come to visit me every day. Your wound is intense, and I have to clean it and change the patch, or else it will get infected.”


The doctor’s real purpose was to make more money.

The unfortunate butcher was in severe pain and visited the doctor regularly and brought a big piece of meat and money for each visit.


The pain was constant, and the wound was getting worse.

One day the doctor had to go to a neighboring village to visit some patients. The doctor’s son was learning from his father, and in his absence, he took care of his father’s patients.


The butcher came for his daily dressing of the wound. The doctor’s son checked the injury and said: “The reason that your wound is still in pain and its’s not healing Is that there is a piece of bone inside it. Don’t worry I will take it out, and you will get better very fast.”


The next day the butcher felt so much better. The pain was gone and went to see the son of the doctor and said: “You are a better doctor than your father. I don’t have any pain.”

The son of the doctor said: “There is no need to come to see us. You are fine.”


The doctor came back home the next day at dinner time, there was no meat with the rice and the stew on the table.

The doctor said: “Where is the meat of this food. Didn’t the butcher come for his cut?!”

The son said: “Yes, and surprisingly I saw there was a piece of bone inside his wound and took it out. The poor butcher was in pain for a long time and paid a lot of money for no reason.”

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  1. Laleh this is a wonderfully weaved story. Thanks for sharing. Many doctors and agencies take advantage of patients. So grateful the Son was a better doctor who cared for the patient. He identified the root cause of pain, went beneath surface, removing bone.

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  2. Thank you for sharing another beautiful story .

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  3. Thank you for sharing another beautiful story,taking advantage from a Doctor of his patient is unforgivable.

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  4. Oh how crook that doctor was. As always nice story. ❤

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  5. thank you for sharing another beautiful story!

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  6. honest abe
    was shot
    for being so
    that one hazy september>?

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  7. A lesson for a cunning doctor from his son!

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  8. Love the story! There are always those who will take advantage, aren’t there?

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  9. You’ve done it again, Laleh, with your short tales. The cruelty of greed in a nutshell.

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  10. Nice story of a crooked greedy doctor! 👌

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  11. sadly too many do this … including psychiatrists who could ‘cure’ their patients but prefer the ongoing income 😦

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  12. The doctor’s action is unacceptable! He should be glad that no one sues him.

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  13. I’m glad the son didn’t fully follow in his father’s footsteps. Too many surgeons and specialists put profits over their patients. This story beautifully shows that. Nicely done! xx

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  14. Human greed is unlimited. It will never be saturated with money and things. Even if he has a lot, he wants even more. Also at the price of the pain of a suffering man. A smart post to think about.

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  15. Reads very well. I couldn’t help but think of the current state of religion haha. Nice work!

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