True Love|عشق حقیقی


First published: Sep.14.2017

Once upon a time, there was a sweet and kind girl named Sahar who was engaged to a nice thoughtful young man named Anoosh.


They both loved each other so much and were soon to get married. Back then, there were no vaccinations and if a very simple virus spread, many people died or stayed disabled very easily. Poxvirus spread in the engaged couple’s village as well as all over the country.



Unfortunately, Sahar got the disease and it started spreading all over her face and body. Each pox created a deep hole that would stay forever on the affected person’s body.

No matter how hard Anoosh tried to see her,  Sahar refused because the disease was contagious and she was losing her beauty forever. After a little while, Anoosh claimed to his family that he was sick and he was sure that he had Pox as well. But no one saw any sign of Pox on his skin. After a short period of time, Anoosh announced that he lost his sight because of Pox. It was very common to go blind because of Pox back then.


Sahar was so sad to hear that news. She was devastated and started to see him again. They didn’t break up their engagement and got married soon after.


They lived happily and in love for thirty-five years. All those years, Anoosh was still blind and Sahar had pockmarks on her face and body.


Sadly, Sahar died and left Anoosh all alone.

In Sahar’s memorial ceremony everyone saw Anoosh walking without his blind cane and seemed to be normal.


Relatives were so shocked. They had realized how truly Anoosh loved Sahar to pretend to be blind for 35 years. Sahar didn’t want Anoosh to spend the rest of his life with her being ugly, and Anoosh pretended to be blind so she would think that he couldn’t see her.


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  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Stunning devotion. I loved it.

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  2. That’s was really true story,was wonderful & Fantastic 👌🏻

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  3. Love conquers all. Such a loving story between Anoosh and Sahar. I think I might misrepresent myself to win a long lasting love and marriage. ❤❤

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  4. Sacrifice is always a facet of love. Beautiful story.

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  5. Lovely story! True love is everything 🙂

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  6. Beautiful story, true love does surely exist

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  7. I am very touched to read your blog – I miss Tehran and its street:)

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  8. Wow!- a poignant but beautiful tale.

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  9. Well, in a way it gives a different twist to the old saying ‘love is blind’. I believe love is a union of two minds. Once the union takes place in the mind, the bodies are inseparable.

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  10. Basically very nice and loving story. A few people in the world have such a spirit in they spent whole their life for love. I agree true love seems like the story. Thanks for aspiration love story.

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  11. A beautiful reminder that beauty is inside.

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  12. What a beautifully, romantic, truly touching story!! Bravo!!

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  13. Hi Laleh: I loved this story and I’m re-blogging it so more readers can enjoy it and get inspired 🙂

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  14. This was very entertaining. Loved it

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  15. Hermosa Estoria De Amor! Beautiful Love Story!

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  16. That’s called real love💝. Beautiful story.

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  17. Wow! Speechless! What a love? A love so divine and pure can be only Godly.
    Another feather in ur cap Mam. Kudos.

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  18. Fantastisch wat hij over had voor de liefde

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  19. Beautiful story of a tru love and commitment for 35years is unforgettable.

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  20. Stunning and beautiful 🌻

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  21. ouch how vain we are … glad it worked for them 🙂

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  22. One after another showing the depth of love..more than love I see pain here..

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  23. Wow… Amazing. I’m running for 3 months old here in wordpress blog but never had been fully engaged myself to a post like this one. Love it.

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  24. Thanks Laleh, for your visits.🌹

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  25. Love is stronger than pain than lysine. This is real love and human happiness. Overcomes disease and adversity.

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  26. Heart touching love 😊💖💖💖

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  27. That’s true love! A beautiful story!

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  28. Beautiful story.

    Kind regards,

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  29. Love is always strong – a lovely story ❤️

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  30. Vowww…. Such a beautiful story….

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