Annoying Father|پدر آزار دهنده

“120th story”


Kyle was twenty-six years old, a young man with a bachelor’s degree, still living with his parents. He was looking for a job and couldn’t wait to get out of his father’s annoying discipline prison.


Kyle: “My father always had something boring to say, like when you are not in your room, turn the lights off. Don’t waste water when you are brushing your teeth.


Don’t drop your garbage on the streets. The environment around you is your home too take care of it. I have a critical interview, in a very successful company. If I get that job I can afford to have a great life free of my bothersome father.”


Kyle wore his best clothes and got ready to leave for the interview. There was his father again mumbling: “Be positive my son. Have confidence. Believe in yourself. You can do this.”

Kyle thought to himself: “Oh, he wouldn’t leave me alone. Get off my back old, man. I’ve had enough of you already.”


Kyle went to the address for the interview. The entrance gate of the large company was open, but there was no one guarding at the door. That was strange he thought to himself. There were signs to direct people to the interview.


Thank God for the marks, or Kyle would be lost. On the way he was walking to get to the interview room, he saw the hose for the garden is on, and water has overlapped on the paving, he went to the source and shut the water down.


He started following the signs and saw a coffee cup on the bench, he picked it up and carried it until he saw a garbage can. He told himself: “Look how my father turned us into a freak, I can’t ignore these things on my way.”


He continued walking when he saw a wallet; he picked it up and opened it. There was a lot of money inside it. Kyle looked for an ID, he found a card, and it matched the ID.

He called the number on the card and told the owner you had dropped your wallet and arranged to meet the owner after the interview. Then he got to the interview room.


Many people were attending with better clothes, thicker resumes, and better education. Kyle got scared and disappointed with himself and wanted to leave, but remembered his father’s mumblings, be strong, have confidence. Kyle waited for his turn.

When they called his name, he walked inside a conference room; a group of smart young people was there to interview him. They smiled and said: “When are you available to start your new job?”


Kyle was confused: “But you haven’t asked me any questions.”

The group said: “We tested every one today as they followed the signs. You were the only one who cared for each test. Some of the applicants put the wallet in their pocket secretly.”


The only thing Kyle thought to himself: “What a great father I have, he was teaching me to be a better person. Thank you, father.”

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  1. I smile. Another great story, with a memorable moral. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful story. As parents we need to teach our kids for a better future tomorrow for them and the planet.

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  3. Beautiful story I enjoyed every word of it .

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  4. Ah, the dream of God and every earthly parent. 🙂

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  5. Laleh this is another great and beautifully creative story of life, filled with words of affirmation. Like the young man who could only hear annoying words from his father at the time.
    He came to realize they were wise lessons of lifetime.
    He passed the morality test and got the job. Love this, thanks for sharing. 💞🙏🤗

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  6. Sound lessons despite the irritation

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  7. Wonderful story with beautiful message! great work, Laleh.
    (In the hindsight I am wishing somebody would hire me this way :))

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  8. oh tandori
    upon you i pour it
    salt in the wound
    we the red
    trailed and bled
    then blue
    did constray
    an apparent victory
    and then were shot down
    in extra time
    i not sublime
    taunted the foe
    he young and so like me
    and yet not
    i was caught in a net
    of my own making!
    hatred of them for the taking
    ha ha ha
    oh dead papa rip!

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  9. It’s an oft-told story about how smart our parents get as we age ourselves and you told that story very well here.

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  10. Just loved this story!!! Like Kyle’s father, I couldn’t stop reminding my young adult sons about the many lessons I’d taught them while they were growing up. I stopped the day my younger son told me: “Mom, you’ve got to trust us to do the right thing, like you’ve taught us.” Kyle did, indeed, follow his father’s lessons and gained a new respect for him.

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  11. May all parents be as wise, and may all children heed and learn from their parents.

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  12. Lovely story 😊💖💖💖

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  13. We may not always understand the Fathers teaching? Every day His love will test our heart, to see if we truly be faithful with the little things? To see if we are truly worth, for an even bigger blessing! A wonderful share, Laleh!

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  14. A wonderful story! So happy that Kyle was listening to his dad after all 🙂

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  15. Another great story, Laleh. Thank you!

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  16. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    What a great father, what a bit of great advice.:) ❤

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  17. When we become a parent, We will understand what our parents wanted us to realize when we were young….

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  18. This brought tears to my eyes, Laleh. ❤

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  19. I love that short and insightful story; thank you!

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  20. A great tale with a valuable message.

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  21. Whoever has a good and wise father wins the lottery ticket. Not everyone also remembers if he died early or had an accident.

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  22. Early in our marriage my wife and I were at an amusement park, where I bought her a special gift that she really liked. I gave the cashier $10, but she gave me back change for $20. I got a bit excited, until my wife told me to inform the cashier of her mistake and for me to return the excess amount. My wife made more of an honest man out of me back then and I’m grateful for it.

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  23. Very heartwarming story to inspire in the season of giving.

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  24. The joy of parenting is when lessons stick! Well done, Laleh! 🙂

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