Beautiful word of “LOVE”|”کلمه زیبای “عشق

He was supposed to become a doctor. But of course, this was what his father told him to.


His father said: “Study hard and become a doctor because doctors make good money, and you can buy a great house and wonderful gifts for your wife, and have a great life.”


He was a little boy. He didn’t know what precisely study hard means; to have a great life, but he could see in his father’s eyes that it should be an excessive thing.

The boy grew up and fell in love with the neighbor’s daughter, and every night just stood at his window and looked at her for a few minutes, and she looked back like she was waiting for him.


The boy wrote a letter to the girl every day and explained that he would become a doctor, buy a house for her along with great gifts. But he never gave her the letters, just kept them in a box.


One day his father came home and said: “My son, it is tough to get into the medical school. It would be a waste of time. You should become an engineer. They study in a short period and make good money too. You can be rich that way also.”


The boy could see happiness in his father’s eyes, and he had to become an engineer now. He started to write new letters to his love and explained how an engineer could make her happy, too, and again put the letters in the same box.


One day he saw that his love is walking in the street with another young man. It was too late to hand all those letters to her. She belonged to someone else.

Years passed, and that boy didn’t become a doctor, nor an engineer, scientist, or anything that his father was dreaming for him. He became a poet, a writer.


He never told his son what to become.

He wrote a book of all his beautiful letters, dedicated it to his son, and his message was: “My dear son, fall in love, and every single day offers her a gift of the beautiful word of “LOVE” before it’s too late and you don’t see her ever again.

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  1. Beautiful story and very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Truly beautiful word and message given Leh. Lovely start of year with wonderful reading. Wish you had a great start of the year.

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  3. Very nice story.
    Spent some years living in Teheran in the eighties and the Iran-Iraq war. Will never forget the warmness of the people and will never forget the repression which I noticed in many families. And will never forget the daily attacks of Iraqi war planes and our daily trip into the mountains to pass the nights there in order to escape the bombing.

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  4. love over money
    they said sonny
    you going to university
    so i went to
    see the world
    came to me instead!

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  5. Have a blessed start to the New Year, Laleh!

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  6. Laleh, how lovely! This story is absolutely beautifully woven. The father and the son both learned an important life lesson of Love.
    So heart touching, thanks for sharing.

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  7. Heartwarming and filled with wisdom of life experience. I, too, decided to let my sons choose their own path in life.

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  8. This is such a beautiful story!! 💕

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  9. Follow your own dreams – and in the walk, yes… love and express it – and allow yourself to be loved in return. Reflect God’s love in and through you. No dream is more important! Your story is beautifully told, Laleh. ❤

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  10. Beautiful story as always, happy 2020 dear Laleh❤🥂

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  11. The most important word that connects people is the word LOVE. It gives meaning to life. Not money. It is good that children now choose their own life paths.
    Best wishes

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  12. Another good story from you, Laleh.

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  13. Amazing post.

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  14. I enjoyed this story about love as well as life. The thought-provoking ending sealed the deal for me as a reader.

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  15. I loved this story! Thanks for following my blog! You have a lovely one!

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  16. Laleh, Your words and message are very inspirational. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Cheers! Following you.

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  17. Great story! Thanks for sharing!

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  18. I love this story very much! My parents wanted me to be a lawyer, I half tried to please them but instead of going to law school (I never applied), I left home to move to California to be a writer. I’m still here and still writing, and I’m so glad I never became a lawyer! 🙂

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