Deceived|فریب خورده

“10th story”

First Published at Oct.19.2017


A hungry fox was passing by a village when he saw a rooster. Eager to relieve his hunger, the fox tried to find a way to hunt the rooster.


The fox told the rooster: “Hello friend, I knew your father, he had a great voice. How about you? Are you a good singer?”

The rooster replied: “Of course I am. In fact, I sing better than my father,” and closed his eyes to sing.

The fox’s plan worked well, it was the perfect opportunity for him to hunt the credulous rooster.  The fox jumped and grabbed the rooster with his teeth.


The rooster regretted how easy he was deceived and started to crow.


The village’s dogs heard the rooster’s crow and ran toward the fox.

The rooster told the fox: “In order to stop the dogs to follow you, you should shout and tell them, ‘This rooster doesn’t belong to your village, I got it from another village.’”

The fox believed that to be a great idea and opened his mouth to shout without hesitation, setting the rooster free.


The fox realized how he was tricked by the rooster and said: “Curse on the mouth that opens untimely.”


The rooster responded: “And curse to the eyes that close untimely.”


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  1. I still had the last story in my mind that this one popped up. Which was a good one to read as usual. Loved it.

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  2. That’s a wise story and full of humor. Thank you for telling.

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  3. I like the wisdom at the end of this story. However, unless there is something I don’t know about roosters (and I used to have one) I think you could simply have the fox attack the rooster from the start. I don’t think he would need a way “to find a way to hunt the rooster.”

    I also like that the rooster finds a way to trick the fox (a tricky animal).

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  4. Thank you for finding my blog… i love this story… simple but deep.

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  5. Yes, our body and its parts can be either a help-or a hindrance.

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  6. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    Another wonderful tale from Laleh 😉

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  7. Lovely story and an interesting blog. Thanks for visiting my blog recently, 🙂

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  8. I loved your story telling and the pics. And thank you Laleh for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor, and I’m always interested in how you came upon my site.

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  9. cute story. The fox was smart enough to get the rooster to close his eyes and the rooster eventually got the fox to open his mouth so he could escape. Moral of the story-don’t be gullible.

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  10. This is a nice one too. I think we had something like this in our school books.
    your stories are really good to relate to .
    Thanks for the time you put in this blog

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  11. Loved the story ….. well written👌👌

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  12. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  13. there are many lessons in your story, I have been deceived myself, by those who claimed friendship with those very close to me, but these are lessons that have to be learned, be blessed, amen

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  14. Great story. Makes me think in some ways of Le Corbeau et le Renard de Jean de Lafontaine.

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  15. Laleh thanks for sharing another wise and cleverly designed story. The imagery is so vivid. 💜

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  16. loose lips
    are still sinking
    my slips
    which way
    ta the beach?!

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  17. Love your story, Laleh. It’s an aspect about deceit that we often overlook: We-the-victims are complicit in deception.

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