The new king|پادشاه جدید

“129th story”


King of Greenland became very ill and every doctor of the kingdom came to visit him one by one and they all had one answer: “The illness is serious and the king is dying.”


The king had no children and had to find a new king for his kingdom. He didn’t want to hand the kingdom easily to men around him and had to find a better way.


The king announced: “I am dying, and whoever sleeps one night in my grave will be the next king of Greenland.”

No one dared to sleep in the king’s grave even though the prize was valuable, except the poorest man of the kingdom.


The poorest man was ready to sleep in King’s grave and change his life the next day of becoming the new king.

They put the poorest man into the grave and covered it with a flat stone and left a hole for him to breathe.


The poorest man had worse nights in his life and this wouldn’t be so hard to handle. He finally fell asleep and had a dream.

Two angels came to him and started asking questions: “What do you have in the world?”


The poorest man said: “Nothing. I used to have an old donkey.”

The angels asked: “Why did you put weighty loads on your donkey’s back when you knew it can’t carry that much? Why didn’t you feed your donkey enough food and always left him hungry?”

The poorest man woke up and was so scared, he never had a dream in his life and that was a strange one.

Morning finally appeared, and everyone including the king was waiting over the grave to publicize the new king.


As soon as they took the flat stone off, the poorest man jumped out of the grave and started running.

They caught him and brought him to the king.

The king asked: “Yesterday you wanted to become the new king, what happened that made you change your mind?”


The poorest man said: “I had a dream that I was dead and two angels were asking too many questions about my old donkey that I was responsible for and didn’t do a fair job, and they were about to punish me. How would I ever be able to be fair and kind to the people of a kingdom.”

When would ever cruel people wake up and stop harming others, killing and starting wars just for power and money?

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  1. That’s the question I do ask day by day…
    Once again thank you for that beautiful and philosophical story, dear Laleh. ❤

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  2. a great teaching story, many blessings

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  3. What ever the poor man did to his donkey was unfair but his response to the king was definitely fair,beautiful story.

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  4. Great story – food for thought.

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  5. IMHO: Another candidate will step forward, more than ready to do whatever required.

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  6. since
    mean persons
    do not feel
    it does not seem real
    they do not like themselves
    or anyone else either

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  7. The poor man was wise not to accept the king’s role. But you left me hanging. Did the king die without naming a successor?

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  8. Laleh, tell me how to make your wise texts read by those who should. That they may draw conclusions for themselves from reading these stories and change their behavior.

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  9. The poor man’s right. Morals matter if you want to lead. I recently wrote a blog about this.

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  10. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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