The Fox and The Raven|روباه وکلاغ

“131st story”



I remember when I was in the third grade of primary school, there was a poem in our book;

_____ _ ___ - __________ _________ ____


A raven saw a mold of cheese, grabbed it with her beak, flew away, and sat on a tree branch.


The clever fox was passing by and saw the shape of cheese, and of course, he wanted to have that.



The artful fox went closer to the tree and said to the raven: “Wow, I am amazed by your black feathers. There is no color upon black. If you could sing too, I believe you would be the most beautiful and number one bird in the world.”



The raven became senseless of all those incredible descriptions and decided to sing for the fox to prove to him that she is the number one of all kinds of birds.

The raven opened her beak and started to croak. The mold of cheese fell off her beak into the fox’s mouth. The fox ate the cheese, laughed, and ran away.


The fox deceived the raven, and all those compliments were to own the cheese. But it was too late to regret as the cheese was gone.

After that story in my life, I never saw a fox trying to steal cheese from a raven, but I saw hundreds of people, governments, companies, and …, in my life, trying to deceive us in many different ways to manipulate us. That story was always with me to remember not to be a fool and be careful, and I taught it to my kids to do the same.


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  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Laleh this is a creative and wise story. The fox had an agenda in those flirty words. Cheese.

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  2. It is an excellent tale, with a meaning worth heeding

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  3. A wise story and a wise girl who learned a good lesson. 🙂

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  4. Nicely penned. and loved your point of the moral at the end.

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  5. Perhaps the fox turned out to be lactose intolerant. We can only hope. 🙂

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  6. True factual.
    Most of us have experienced in our lives.

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  7. When unwarranted praise comes, you know it is the fox 🙂

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  8. I know this story from my childhood days too, and I also think of it very often since some years, facing the false games politicians etc. are playing on us…

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  9. use
    just like
    is needed
    to get the simple
    and yet despite
    that fact
    to be the fool
    due to simple pure vanity

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  10. An important life lesson told through a simple story.

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  11. poor raven…Thank you for sharing this tale it teach us not to be stupid

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  12. So many people have an agenda and it’s all for themselves. This is such a great post! I remember reading that in school and to my daughter.

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  13. A powerful and very poignant article …loved your analogy…💙🌏

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  14. Hey Laleh, how are you?

    Who’d have thought a wily fox outsmarted a cunning Raven?

    Another succinct story greatly enjoyed, thank you. The message is clear: flattery, unless sincere, is just deception and illusion. None of us should be so easily fooled but all too frequently we are. But there is always hope that we live and learn and don’t fall for the rhetoric of those that seek only to fool us with deceit again.

    I very much enjoyed the image of the story book and the photographs accompanying the tale. Thanks for posting!

    Hoping all is well. Enjoy a wonderful weekend. Take care,


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  15. Vanity!
    There are so many “ foxes” wise to be alert.
    Thank you Laleh. Love your stories 💜

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  16. This is one of Aesop’s Fables which was written sometime in 1st century of the Common Era. The idea is too old but even today it is still relevant.

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  17. Anche nella nostra cultura letteraria esiste questa favola.
    Ma chi veramente ruba è il potere degli uomini su altri uomini.

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  18. Well-crafted illustration! Sadly, the world needs to keep a watchful our for the cunning and sly “foxes” who lurk in the shadows.c

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  19. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  20. Another good story and lesson for everyone, Laleh.

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  21. Good day ma’am , Do you have an insta or fb id for your page ?

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