It’s not our problem|این مشکل ما نیست

“133rd story”


Once upon a time, an old couple lived on a farm.


They had a few hens, chicks and rooster, a cow, and one sheep.


The little mouse habited in a hole in the corner of the barn.


The old lady didn’t like the mouse sharing chicken’s food; therefore, they put a trap to catch the mouse.


When the mouse saw the trap came to the farm animals and asked for help.

They all said: “This is your problem and has nothing to do with us. This trap will not harm us so that we won’t interfere.”


The little mouse was disappointed and just tried to come out of his hole with more caution.”

The old lady checked the trap every day. One of the days, she saw a snake’s tail caught by the trap. She went close to hook the snake when it bit the old lady.


The old lady got very sick, and the husband had to kill and cook the chickens one by one in order to make his wife feel better. The relatives came to visit the old lady, and the husband had to kill the sheep and prepare it to feed the guests.


The old lady didn’t get better and died after a few weeks. The neighbors and families gathered for her funeral. The husband had to kill the cow and prepare it for them.


The barn was empty of animals, and the trap was gone.


The husband didn’t care about the mouse. The mouse’s problem was solved. The trap became the cause of death for all those animals. If only they would care to help others and stay united.


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  1. That reads like a powerful metaphor for the Coronavirus era. Nice story.

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  2. Ah, wisdom in a trying time. We need each other more than we think. 🙂

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  3. Loved the story if all the animals would care to listen and do something, they would have been alive.

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  4. Brilliant and creatively woven story. Powerful life lesson, speaks volumes about heart. Thanks for sharing so beautifully, Laleh.

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  5. Nice to visit and go thru your blog.

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  6. A good lesson for us all if only folk would heed it!

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  7. As long as the waves lap at our feet, we fail to take note of the tide and by the time we do, it engulfs us all… Nice story of giving timely help when asked of us.

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  8. Excellent metaphor for a world of growing inequality. Our lack of compassion for the most lowly and vulnerable among us have consequences for us all.

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  9. so back then
    in 1992 when denis dimond
    asked am i my brother s keeper
    you agree
    yes you are!

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  10. Anorher amazing story. Good moral. So good, I bought your book today.😊

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  11. An amazing story as usual. Such a good metaphor and moral. So good in fact, I bought your book today.😊

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  12. A perfect allegory – and very current.

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  13. What a twist! Very good story!

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  14. How very poignant in this world in which we live.

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  15. Deep thoughts and wonderful advise! Lovely story, Laleh

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  16. I tuoi racconti sono pillole di saggezza e umanità. Grazie ❤

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  17. A great reminder that, as Christians would say, we are our brother’s keeper. May God watch over you during this virus crisis, Laleh. ❤

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  18. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  19. Very timely, Laleh. Every one of your blog posts makes me stop and think. Your blog enriches my life!

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