The Smart Sparrow|گنجشک باهوش

“16th story”

First published: Dec.07.2017

Once upon a time, a sparrow got captured by a man.


The sparrow asked: “What will you do to me?”

The hunter said: “I will kill you and eat you.”

The sparrow replied: “I am very small and would be just a little bite for you. If you let me go I will teach you three lessons which could be useful to you for a lifetime.”

The hunter thought that wasn’t a bad idea and responded: “Alright, tell me the first lesson now in my hand, the second lesson when you are flying and the third one when you sit on that tree.”


The sparrow agreed and said: “Never regret your loss.”

The hunter opened his hand and the sparrow continued: “Never believe the impossible.”


The sparrow then sat on the tree and said: “If you had killed me, you could have owned the 2 kilograms of goldstone that I am carrying in my stomach. You would have been rich. But you let me go.”


The hunter got so sad but there was nothing he could do and asked for the third lesson.


The sparrow said: “You didn’t listen to the first two lessons, why do you need to hear the third one? I told you not to regret your loss, and you did regret losing me. I told you not to believe the impossible, how can a little bird like me carry 2 kilograms of gold?

You should know the third lesson by now; When greed comes along, people believe the impossible. And when they lose everything to reach the impossible, they regret their loss.” And then flew away.



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  1. Beautiful story and nice writing you always try to mention important life listen, which you are capable of doing it .

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  2. What a profound story! I love it. I’m sending it to my son, who is a dreamer.

    minor suggestion: In the following line, I would add the image of the bird flying away, as the image of flight is often associated with achieving the impossible.

    The hunter opened his hand and the sparrow continued: “Never believe the impossible.”

    You might also come up with a catchier title. Perhaps “The three lessons of the Sparrow.”

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  3. I love this story and great and meaningful lesson behind it to as well! God bless and keep strong! Xx

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  4. A very wise Sparrow and a beautiful story 🙂

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  5. OH my…this is wonderful. such a good story and a parable for life. The photos illustrate it perfectly.

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  6. As always , I love the wisdom in your stories. People can be ridden by greed, by not listening to the TRUTH

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  7. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    Another of Laleh’s fables…

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  8. Great story and a great lesson from one of the smallest creatures around. 🙂

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  9. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  10. What a wise little sparrow. ♥

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  11. I like little fables like that. A lot of thought provoking ideas. Thank you.

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  12. What a simple and so important story with a great lesson

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  13. Laleh, thanks for sharing another beautifully crafted wise life-lesson.

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  14. yen
    for sin
    and then
    the hole is far deeper

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  15. I wanted to ask, can I tell your story to others on my blog?
    Your advice, teachings and stories are invaluable.

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  16. Write, do you agree to share your parable for readers of my blog?

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  17. A great lesson we often forget.

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  18. Great story,. Thank you, Laleh.

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  19. That is one very smart sparrow!

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  20. I think you’re fantastic by the way, I haven’t taken the time to mention that

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  21. Excellent lesson 😇👌👌👌

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  22. Great lesson. Congratulations on winning the award!

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  23. Beautiful story. Subhanallah

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  24. LOL! Hi Laleh, I enjoyed thoroughly!🤗

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  25. Wise sparrow is free after fooling the most wise human race😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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