The agreement|توافق

“134th story”


Once upon a time;

A Shepperd took his herd of sheep to graze.


In the way, he saw a huge walnut tree and climb it.


The Shepperd went up high of the tree to reach the fruit.


While he was enjoying the fresh walnuts, a strong wind started blowing. He wanted to come down, but it seemed impossible and got scared.


The wind was moving the tree’s branches very severe, and he knew he would fall and hurt himself badly or even die.

He looked at the sky and said: “Dear God; if you let me come down safely, I would give my herd to the poor for your satisfaction.”


And he kept begging God for a miracle.

Suddenly the wind slowed down and the Shepperd felt his safety right away. He came to a more strong branch, looked at the sky, and said: “Dear God, if I give my herd to the poor, what would my wife and children do? I am sure you wouldn’t mind me changing my prayers and give you only half of the herd.”


He came down slowly and when he got closer to the ground, looked at the sky and said: “Dear God, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I only give a little bit of the wool and milk to the poor and keep the other half to myself.”


The Shepperd climbed down the tree safely and looked at the sky and said: “Dear God, sometimes I just talk too much. Sorry if I took your precious time. Whatever I said on the tree doesn’t make sense to me, now that I am on the ground.”

“This simple story reminds us of many similar situations we see or hear.”


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  1. True, human nature
    During difficulties they promise, once they get back to normalcy their mind set will be changed . 🙄

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  2. Beautiful story,the Sheppard made a commitment with God when he was in danger and he forgot it in safety. I’m sure he had paid it back.

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  3. human nature
    is sin
    and to win
    is not the point of the game
    aim hi
    expect low
    and just
    so now
    you too
    have your own fertile crescent
    that ur of the caldes
    thanks michelle!

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  4. This is a lovely story, I think it is a natural human tendency to think about extreme things in times of difficulties…

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  5. A familiar tale of human frailty!

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  6. Beautiful story ! With god it is “only” a moral problem, with leaders it is the balance of power to change, with friends it is the lost of faith… Thanks Laleh

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  7. Empty promises come easy when in dire need. Once we’ve achieved our desire or goal, they are soon cast aside.

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  8. 🙂 And the sheep were happy on the ground all along!

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  9. Your stories always have such good message

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  10. Human nature, unfortunately!

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  11. Thank-you for the excellent story.

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  12. How little can our words mean. Not everyone can meet the contract. In an emergency, please help and we are able to sacrifice a lot. God is patient

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  13. Thanks for the nomination… however, I may not follow it up due to my busy schedules 🙂

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  14. Good story related to selfish humans.

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  15. We pray when we need and forget when things are going our way.. ;-(

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  16. Sempre più spesso l’umanità agisce per suo piacimento ed egoismo, dimentica gli altri e le Entità superiori.
    E i risultati si stanno vedendo.

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  17. Ah, be better if God had put him back on top of the tree 🙂

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  18. Excellent. That is just great. We promise the stars when we are in trouble. Thank you for this.

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