What Do You Wish To Be|آرزوداریدچه بشوید

“17th story”

First published: Dec.14.2017

There was an assignment given by a third-grade teacher to her kids in an Elementary School.



They all had to write about one subject which was: “What do you wish to be?”

The teacher collected all of her students’ assignments and took them home to read and mark them.


When she started reading and marking, one assignment engaged her attention and made her cry.


Her husband walked in and saw her crying and asked for the reason.

She said: “Read this essay please.”


Her husband started reading the essay loudly:

“Today I would like to wish in a very different way. I know it may seem strange to you but I wish I was a TV. Because everyone likes TV and they gather around it. They pay attention to the TV and listen carefully to hear it well. Everyone stays quiet to catch what the TV is saying. My father has time to listen to the TV even when he is tired. My mother can pay attention to the TV even when she doesn’t like to do anything else. If I was a TV, they would take me seriously. I would have a special place and be the center of attention. I know my wish doesn’t make sense and looks weird and unusual, but this is what I wish I was.”


Her husband continued: “What an awful parents this poor kid has. Who is she?”


The teacher wiped her tears and said: “OUR DAUGHTER”


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    Wow…what a powerful post!!!

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    Yet another of Laleh’s gems 😉

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  3. Amazing story, dear Laleh! And what a profound moral it contains! 🙂

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  4. So true!! Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Every story you write is an amazing surprise, thank you for sharing, Laleh

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  6. Hmmm. Food for thought for every parent.

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  7. Uuuuuh! I do hope that the parents learned from this…

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  8. Such a touching story. Many times we are so engrossed in our gadgets that we don’t give our undivided attention to our children!

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  9. A good ‘Gotcha’ story… hits home. Today, it is more like ‘I wish to be a cell phone.’ 😦

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  10. Maybe spouses feel this way too…about TV or cellphone. Thanks for making an excellent point!

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  11. Whoa! I never expected that ending. A sad story, but also a good wake-up call.

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  12. What a great ending (and a great post) and a great message.

    btw; minor suggestion — “reading the essay [out loud]:”

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  13. A story every parent must read….. While growing up as a child I felt same pain but thank God for the pain cos it brought out the poetry in me.

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  14. Shukran – Thank you so much – You have an amazing post!!

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  15. One should never forget that among the greatest gifts that a child can be given is our time. Your story is a reminder of the cost of forgetting, both to the recipient and the giver. Thank-you!

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  16. Well, that gives you pause. Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following my blog.

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  17. A powerful story! Our challenges as parents are immense, yet we are never trained for the role.
    Thanks for the follow 🙂

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  18. Hellow my name is Martinmus. Wery good-hearted article! Thx 🙂

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  19. The right time for republishing this very teaching story. Thank you, Laleh! Hope you all are well, and stay save. Best wishes, Michael

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  20. The last sentence just got me.

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  21. I recall reading this tale the first time you published it. Today, we’ve replaced the TV with our so-called Smart Phones. Now the tables have somewhat turned: It’s very difficult reaching our young people.

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  22. Wow, that’s a heart-wrencher!

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  23. What a powerful tale that is! Well done.

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  24. ouch that sure makes a poignant point!

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  25. Extraordinary punch line! You’re stories are beautiful. Surely it’s not easy to put meaningful messages on short compositions. 🙂

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  26. Oh, my …….. * misty eyed *

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  27. great post and I really enjoyed the letter the student wrote.

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