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Nader was starting elementary school-grade one, and he was nervous and frightened. A grumpy lady was their teacher. She didn’t have any passion for teaching. Working all these years as teaching the same subjects, made her life boring probably.


Most of the kids were afraid of her. Nader was learning slowly, which was very reasonable, but to his teacher, he was a piece of work, a disappointment, and a waste of time.


Poor Nader finished his first year of primary school as an example of a loser to others. The teacher always pointed at him and said: “Do you want to be like Nader?”


The second-year, the unfortunate Kids, had the same teacher. Nader completely believed that he was a disappointment and just a dumb student. There seemed to be no hope for Nader at all. The second-year finished with bad marks as well.


The third year, a well-dressed serious lady introduced herself as that year’s teacher. She seemed full of energy and passion.

Nader liked the class and didn’t want his teacher to know he was a loser in grades one and two.


When the teacher was checking the student’s homework, Nader noticed that she is signing for each schoolchild. Nader was shaking and knew the teacher would remind him how stupid he was.


When the teacher signed Nader’s homework, she smiled. Nader looked to see what she wrote and saw the word “Excellent work.”


Nader worked very hard and finished grade 3 with an excellent result. He passed all the years with excellent marks. He finished university in Iran; and got a scholarship for the University of Kent in UK.

A single word of “excellent work” was an encouragement for Nader to become successful. Why don’t we use great words towards our children, students, and any human being?


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  1. Good morning, a beautiful lesson here.

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  2. What horrible teachers he had in those first two years.

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  3. Wonderful story Ma’am 💕
    It reminds me of my primary school. I wasn’t good in mathematics, but due to the encouragement of teachers I could pass the subject with good marks. I didn’t use to get good marks in maths homework. In fourth grade I started taking personal interest in improving my maths. It was the first time when I got a *very good* remark in my maths notebook. I was over the moon. I showed my notebook to all of my friends and coming back home I saw my first *very good* so many times. Since then I never got less than 90% in mathematics 🤗

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  4. A former school mate of mine named Beppo had to repeat the third and fifth school year. The teacher had the opinion that Beppo was dumb. Then we became a new teacher, as big and heavy as a rock, behaving like a medieval landlord, but with a golden heart. Beppo never had to repeat a school year any more, he finished school with best notes. Now he has his own big painting and masonry enterprise…
    Stay save, dear Laleh!

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  5. Encouragement goes a long way.

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  6. Very beautiful . Positive post 👌👍👏👏👏

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  7. It’s very unfortunate for the first year,to have a careless teacher,because majority of children have some good potential that a bad teacher could destroy it for ever.

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  8. Beautiful story as always. Commendable stories shared by you.

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  9. Everyone needs some meaningful and authentic encouragement. Today good words are cheap and fake, and children feel this.

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  10. Hooray for the teachers that make every child feel special!! ❤

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  11. I loved this sweet story and lesson!

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  12. I am a educator. This story is true for many student’s who come across teachers who don’t go into the profession of teaching because its what they enjoy doing. I teach English and find creative ways to engage my students.

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  13. A beautiful story. As a former teacher, I know well how important positive feedback is to our students. It was such positive feedback from an English language high school teacher that built my confidence in my essay writing skills.

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  14. A little kindness and thoughtfulness goes a long way. Here’s to more kindness and thoughtfulness.

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  15. I was a teacher, but I did not tell anyone that he would be none. Everyone has some talent, and the role of the teacher is to find talent and show the student its value.

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  16. I love your story. I am going to read your book soon.

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  17. Beautifully inspiring lesson. Creatively woven into a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing Laleh. 😊💜

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  18. No child should be subject to a teacher who discourages and degrades him or her. How sad that indeed things like this happen. I was an elementary teacher for 24 years and saw a few unworthy colleagues and a few inept principals in my day. It was the desire to support and praise the good ones and send the nasty ones on their way that caused me to get my administrative credential and spend the next 12 years as a principal who encouraged the positive teachers, tried to help the ones who were struggling, and made every effort to show the scoundrels the door. No child should have to put up with a teacher who obviously is not cut out to be working with kids!!

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  19. Indeed a single word of praise means a lot.

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  20. So true… Encouragement is so powerful. 🙂 Beautiful post, Laleh. 🙂

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  21. Trovo molto interessante il tuo blog, i tuoi racconti così semplici e veritieri come pietre preziose.

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  22. This resonated deeply, Laleh. Children are like tender plants. They need encouragement to grow and flourish. ❤

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  23. Dovremmo cogliere sempre il lato positivo dei giovani.
    E se c’è una carenza va aiutato a costruire una fortificazione, non a lasciarlo nel buio.

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  24. Such a great and motivating story.

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  25. Excellent story, Laleh. So true!

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  26. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  27. Always good, different, informative

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  28. Thanks for another fantastic article. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect method of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such information.


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