Who can’t be in power?|چه کسی نباید درقدرت باشد؟

“145th story”


A wise man once said;

there are three groups of people who should never rule and be involved in politics.

_The first group would be all rich people.


Because rich people would never understand the pain, poor people are suffering in society. No matter how hard the poor try, it would be impossible to get their life together.


Their lifetime passes very difficultly. As long as the poor stay poor in society, crime and corruption will never end.


The benefit of power allows the rich to increase their wealth.


_The second group would be poor people.

Because they had a lack of money and power in life, and to compensate all that and stay in control, they will turn into dangerous dictators.


They will oppress, kill, and torture just to remain in control. They make unfair rules and execute many innocent people to keep power, and in the end, they destroy society.



_The third group would be Religions.

These people will never accept any criticism. As soon as they are in power, they will control people in a dictatorship government; and call it the rules of God.


They can be the worst of all three groups be afraid of them because they convinced that everything they do is in God’s satisfaction. These people play with the public’s faith. They destroy humanity and usually expect people to worship them.

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  1. Very wise, indeed. As humans, it seems that most of us are flawed enough that we shouldn’t be in power.

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  2. not much
    with them above excluded~

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  3. how nicely and effectively categorise the people and analysed

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  4. love this………..so much wisdom………and says a lot of power!

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  5. What a wise story, dear Laleh! Very suitable for our time…We know the ruling results of each group presented in the story.

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  6. Wise words. For centuries now, the rich and the church, together, have dominated our world. The poor continue to gasp for breath.

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  7. Beautiful subject for nowadays, the people can see all these governments in the world and no one can do anything about it. Looking forward to see peace, integrity, health and wealth for every country’s over the world.

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  8. I can chip in my two cents if you don´t mind, the rich people are more in power hence they do have control of the society, not all hopefully, they can come from the academia world that is all backed by the majority of press-media just a bunch of components not to put in a comment, and they are not poor. So I see that a comminality, the rich will make their “friends” rich as long as they keep on selling the lies for “these” people to stay in power. The rest of us…. go figure, I´m lucky I paid this month´s rent, next month go figure, for now I´m enjoying reading you having this thing for now called internet.

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  9. Nice post!
    The reality is as stated by the British politician Lord Acton “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

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  10. Politics should be the job of the wise, but their heads in books would also have problems with everyday life.
    that’s why don’t say solution except in the lesser evil!.
    Love Shera 🌹🦋

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  11. Absolutely well said – wise message

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  12. Finchè esisterà il denaro il mondo e i governi peggioreranno.

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  13. A very wise man indeed.. 😉

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