I Need Help!|!من به کمک نیاز دارم

“32nd story”

First published: Mar.29.2018

A very hard-working and poor widow decided to find a way to talk to God.


She called the local radio station and said: “I have a message for God. Could you please send my demand to Him?”


The radio host thought she was joking around and said with laughter: “Be my guest, I will broadcast your message but I won’t promise that God listens to our radio station.”


The widow said: “God please hear my message and help me feed my children and be able to pay my outstanding rents.” She gave her name and address on the broadcast.

A rich man heard her on the radio and said: “What a senseless woman. How could she believe that God listens to the radio and will send her money? Some people are very thoughtless. I can’t take it.”


He asked his employee to buy some food and supplies and also gave a good amount of money and said: “Go to the woman’s address and when she asked who sent them food and money, tell her ‘Satan the devil’ sent her all these goods.”



The employee did as he was told and when he handed everything to the widow, she thanked God for hearing her and helping.


The employee said: “It was Satan who sent you all these great foods, supplies, and money.”

She responded: “When God wants to help someone, he will even make the devil do the job.”


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  1. That’s an excellent response.

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  2. Such a beautiful story. Belief can work wonders!

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  3. AMAZING!! We serve a God who can do anything and through any means.

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  4. There is no better way to witness God’s presence in your life than what the widow has done in your story. A story worth retelling!

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  5. Another beautiful story about power of God well written by you dear laleh loved it thank you

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  6. During an extremely difficult time in my life when I was questioning my faltering Faith, a very dear friend said something to me that has ever stayed with me. “Faith isn’t Faith until it’s all you are holding onto.” This widow has a deep powerful Faith that even Satan cannot shake. A perfect ending to the story, I love it! Thank-you!

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  7. Beautifully told… God honoured the widow’s faith and hope in Him. Inspirational story, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  8. Great story! I shared on my blog.

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  9. AhHa! What a terrific story.

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  10. Great story of faith Laleh, and the “fool” does God’s bidding. Love it!😊🌹

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  11. God is in control, the devil still has to answer to Him! Even with Job, the devil had to ask for permission; but was still limited!,


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  12. This was excellent..Maybe much better than I can describe with words.. 😍😍😍

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  13. This is a great story! Thank you for following my blog! 😊🌹

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  14. Excellent story .Trust in God !

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  15. This story is priceless and such a good testimony of one woman’s faith. Thanks for sharing. And Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I pray it feeds your soul as the physical food fed the woman. I look forward to visiting your site again.

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  16. Ooh, smart woman and the rich man may have made a good effort, regardless of his negative attitude! 🌞 💮 Thank you, Laleh! 🍎🍓

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  17. Splendid! great post!

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  18. This is a great story Laleh. I like at the end when she said, “When God wants to help someone, he will even make the devil do the job.” Because this is very similar to the story of Job in the Old Testament.

    Satan was ALLOWED to torment Job to an extent in order to for God help him grow in his faith and trust in God. Sometimes, there will be circumstances in our lives where God will allow the Devil to “tear” us down in order to build us back up stronger and more confident in who Christ is.

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  19. Even the devil loses before the faith the poor has on God

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  20. I love the response. The old man perhaps thought that the widow would stop believing in God but the woman was wise and firm in faith.

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  21. Awesome!!!

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  22. I thank you sincerely for this story. I am so glad I dropped by to find our what you were writing and sharing. I am blessed.

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  23. Just think if she had made her request on TV…it would be on youtube immediately! Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following my blog.

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  24. This one’s phenomenal! Thank you so much for following my blog.😊❤ I am glad I could find another beautiful soul in this blogosphere! Trust me, I am tuly very happy to be able to read your amazing blogs! You are fantastic!😊💕

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  25. The power of faith, or if you squint your eyes?


  26. De dame is zo diepgelovig dat ze blindelings alles zou doen als het in de naam van god kwam

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  27. Thanks for your like of my post,”The Rapture;” you are very kind.

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  28. Fantastic 💗 Beautiful message 💗🙏💗

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  29. Witty woman! 😍 Loved the tale.

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  30. You have great and quality contents. Dont fail to check out my blog and share to your friends. Happy blogging!💯💯💥

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  31. A lovely story and a good example for everyone.
    Thanks for share.
    May God bless you.🤗

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  32. I love it! There’s an almost identical story in the American South. In this version, the woman is praying and is heard by a skeptic who is passing by her window on his way home from the store. He begins throwing groceries through the window to mock her and she, still praying, says, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, even if you had to use the devil to bring them.” 🙂

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  33. Wow fantastic job even by a Satan 👏👏👏
    That’s God’s grace.👍💐

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  34. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    BA-BUMP!!!!! 😀

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  35. What a sweet gift this post is!!! Thank You!!! 🤗❤️😊

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