No Sympathy|بدون همدردی

“35th story”

First published: April.19.2018

Once upon a time in a distant land, people lived in peace and happiness.


They had a simple life with simple jobs. Everyone worked hard to make an honest living.


There lived a man whose job was to deliver letters from town to town by riding his horse.


One time, when he was on the road as his horse was galloping very fast, the man saw a person lying on the side of the road.


He slowed his horse down and stopped, got off his horse, and approached the man lying on the muddy ground.

The injured man was covered in mud and didn’t look very well.

The rider first tried to give sympathy and find out where exactly he was injured.

In a split second, the injured man jumped up and ran as fast as the wind to the horse, hopped on him, and rode away.


The messenger who was kind enough to care to stop and help an injured person beside the road got very sad and disappointed.


He screamed aloud for the man to hear him: “I am not worried about you stealing my horse today. I am mad that when this story spreads, no one will ever help a human being who is actually in need on the road. No one will empathize with others. People will suffer and the world will go mad.”


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  1. Sad but true. And even today we usually don’t like to stop and help strangers.

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  2. I had this story in my school hindi book… thanks for sharing this. .. 🙂

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  3. Wow! This story speaks volumes! Thank you for sharing it.

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  4. So much truth in these words. Sadly, the messenger’s prophesy has come to pass! Fear and prudence stand in the way of our better natures. Thank-you, I always enjoy your tales.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this life lesson story I enjoyed it.

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  6. Very touching story dear.. And it’s soo true…

    Check out my new post.. Its on fabulous styles every lady should rock.. Plus its also fits the pregnant ladies..

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  7. Oh my this is so true. Today , at least in parts of North America, people are afraid to help an injured person because they may be sued if the person later dies or is disabled even if without help they would have died or been disabled.

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  8. Thank you for sharing that story. Hopefully it teaches us something else. That helping, loving, doing good always involves risk-taking, and we can’t let that risk keep us from doing good, for trying to help. Otherwise we lose our Soul. Also, your photographs are just stunning.

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  9. This is so true. As the saying goes: once bitten, twice shy.

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  10. The exact reason why people hesitate and refuse to help strangers !

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  11. Often by helping no matter what country we are in or we chose to help, we can be taken advantage of and those asking help will be the vectors, unfortunately…it is not limited to North America but worldwide.

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  12. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find my way back to yours and this powerful post.

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  13. I worry that the prophecy may be coming true.

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  14. This reminded me of Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan. Except for the twist at the end – an unfortunate truism in this current world climate.

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  15. Sadly, the Good Samaritan
    . . . got done.

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  16. Sadly that’s reality now, but God is still in control and one day when he returns all those former things shall pass away and be no more! 🙂 God bless you sweet Laleh ❤

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  17. Crazy world. I don’t like this world, when I was a child, everything was simpler and not as spoiled as today.

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  18. An instructive story. So it is. By nature, we are good and we like to help, and life teacher us to be cautious with people.

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  19. It.s TRUE☺️

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  20. Which is exactly where we are today — all mean and mad.😡

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  21. Thank you for another wonderful life teaching story, Laleh! So true, just today, but we should not forget to be humans and to act this way. Michael

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  22. Strong message and very true. Even though this story might be old, it should still speak to us today. People taking advantage of each other.
    Stunning pictures !

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  23. What a story…. It speaks deep message

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  24. Everything you share is just incredible and worth reading ❤

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  25. That was so true, look at us today, everyone is angry. Thank you for following my blog, appreciate it. Take care.

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  26. Verhaal waar we heel wat kunnen door leren.Bedankt om het met ons te delen

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  27. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf… except the behaviour of this one person affects everyone else

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  28. pity to loss
    the cost
    of feeling
    and good samaritans
    in reverse~

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  29. It’s a challenging and sad story, but nevertheless I believe that we never should give up giving other’s a helping hand. “Anger is like fire and you put your hand in you burn your hand.”

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  30. Powerful and true.
    Thank you Laleh 🎋💜

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  31. The ending is sometimes correct. Some people will think twice about aiding others if this should happen to them.

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