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“36th story”


First published: April.26.2018

A story by Laleh Chini:

There was a very kind old lady helping my mother during our childhood by babysitting us.


She was very skinny with a long face full of deep wrinkles. You could easily get a sense that she had an extremely painful life.


We loved her and respected her a lot. My mother was very kind and generous to her as much as she possibly could. We called her “Nane Ali.”


She had her own beliefs. For instance, she never liked to take a picture or be in family photos. We really wanted to have a photo to remember her forever but she always refused.


Years passed and we grew up. One day I and my sister decided to pay a visit to Nane Ali.


Nane Ali got very excited and hugged us. We talked about all her kindness and how honored we were to have her growing up, and how she was always like a grandmother to us.


She felt very pleased and blissful.

My sister asked her: “Nane Ali, how come you never let us take a picture with you? We would love to have a picture with you please.”

This time she didn’t refuse our request; she stood between us and we took some pictures together and some of her only.



Then she said: “The reason that I never took any pictures in my life was that I believed that I would be cursed and die the day after they take a picture of me.

We laughed and said: “Oh dear Nane these thoughts are nonsense, superstitious and just silly extravagant talks.”

She smiled and didn’t argue. We said our goodbyes and finished that wonderful day with a big hug.

The next day they informed us that Nane Ali passed away!


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  1. Oh my! That’s kinda spooky.

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  2. Oh no!! Is like she knew it would happen and when she finally allowed her photograph to be taken was when she was absolutely ready to go.
    Thank you for sharing Laleh. I always look forward to your stories.

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  3. She may have passed but she will always be living in loving memories. Thank for a beautiful story.🌺

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  4. Oh no it is sad but thank God you and your sister saw her before she passed away. When someone grew up with extravagant it’s impossible to change their beliefs.

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  5. I’m glad she got to see you one last time 😊

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  6. Poor woman.. You mean she was right after all?

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  7. That’s sad 😔 she passed away…

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  8. Oh no! You should have respected her belief: she believed on that for sure. So sad..

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  9. An amazing story. God Rest Her Soul.

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  10. Our memories of childhood are often magical. Your “Nane Ali” must have been such a treasure to your family. I’ve heard that our own Native Americans would not have photographs taken because they feared their souls would be imprisoned in them. Sometimes beliefs are so deeply embedded in a person that they become their reality, perhaps that was true of Nane Ali. The mind is a very powerful part of us. Sorry that your good intentions apparently went awry. Thank-you for this sad, yet sweetly touching story.

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  11. It sounds like she was ready to go.

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  12. Nane Ali no longer feared death. Her time had come to die and she was ready.

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  13. Because of age she probably was ready to die. She may have been holding out until she had the joy of seeing you. If the picture had been taken while she was young – that would be a different matter.

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  14. Its really sad, Laleh! But thank you for telling this story. It show there is much more between heaven and earth we sometimes think, and you had a wonderful person for your first steps into life. Michael

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  15. It’s a touching story with an unexpected ending. Loving and sad at the same time. Thank you Laleh 🥀

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  16. This is sad but I understand superstitions. My real nana’s neighbor that lived behind her home was like a second grandmother to me. Rita was hispanic and catholic and had a lot of superstitions like covering mirrors and burning candles all day and night to keep prayers answered. She didn’t seem upset about photos though but the last photo we took together, she would die a few months later. When we see photos of people knowing they were their last photos ever taken, it makes those photos a little more special. Rita did not believe in vanity though and according to most Native Americans, photos are not allowed because it in a way it is like stealing one’s soul. The more and more selfies that are taken, the less and less we are who we were meant to be, instead we become the selfie. Great story and beautiful shots, thank you for sharing. Your Nane Ali was a beautiful person.

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  17. That is a really beautiful story, and a lovely childhood memory 😘

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  18. a lovely tribute to your nanny and the aged 🙂

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  19. A wonderful, poignant,
    and thought provoking story.

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  20. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    More from Laleh 😉

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  21. I believe she knew she was going and wanted you to be able to see her forever.

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  22. A poignant story. I am glad you managed to see Nane Ali. I have no idea what happened to the lady who looked after me when I was little. 😦

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  23. Lovely story! You guys will see her again when Jesus Christ comes again! God bless you sweet Laleh 🙂

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  24. Goodness! I guess it was her time…

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  25. A beautiful story Laleh, I could feel your love, and you touch my heart.

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  26. Your beautifully illustrated story makes me think with love of being at with my 91 year old mother. With my brothers and one sister two years ago, she faded from her time on earth with us after giving her many children life and everything else she had to give. She was so tired and ready to let go. Her mind had stopped remembering and working properly for the last 5 years or so, but she was brave and full of child like faith. And she kept everyone laughing until the last week. She decided quietly that she would not eat and wanted to rest from the world. I remember being able to whisper to her thank you, thank you as she passed and I am so very happy I had the chance to tell her. I had to travel for 30 hours by plane to be with the family, but she I was able to say goodbye. Thank you Laleh for sharing your story which celebrates the beauty and mystery of the guardian angels in our lives.

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  27. Amazing, is it a coincidence? And how did you feel? This old age in the pictures is moving.

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  28. I feel our beliefs are who we are. What is true for me, may not be true for you. Tis very deep. Wonderful sharing, thank you.

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  29. Hey Laleh! The story is amazing and quite petrifying as well. I mean, I am startled to read this. I imagine how would have you felt after this. May her soul rest in peace.

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  30. Oh wow. Quite a story.
    I know a lot of people get weird about taking their photos.
    She must have been at peace though. She had a purpose to fill, but now she was ready to go, so she allowed you to take a photo. It’s nice you have something to remember her by.

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  31. OMG, Laleh joon, I just shrieked by reading the end of the story. But yet, maybe she found her final peace in believing her believe.

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  32. It can happen. Maybe Nane Ali knew her time had come. 🙂

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  33. Thanks for sharing Nane Ali’s story… such a beautiful way for your love for her to live on. ❤


  34. Wow. This really proves that we are our thoughts. She believed so wholeheartedly that this would come true, and it did. Amazing story.

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  35. Dit is een toeval maar gelukkig hebben jullie haar nog gezien en getoond dat ze voor jullie heel dierbaar was

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  36. That iѕ suсh a enjoyаble game ɑnd we had aan ideaⅼ birthday
    Daddy.? Larry added. ?Can we plaay ?What?ѕ оne off tthe best thing about God?
    tomorrow too?? he begged his Mommy.

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  37. I love all the pictures of hands!

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  38. This story is so moving! I am happy for you that you got to meet her one last time though 🙂

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  39. Thanks for the kind words.

    As I view it, what you are doing is equally impressive.

    I recommend that my followers follow you as well.

    I believe that there is a calling for authors, bloggers, and artists to provide a more sincere channel of communication through writing.

    Keep it going. I know how challenging it is to write every day, but we do it with good intent and passion. That makes it joyous.

    I am always touched when my sweet messages like this reach someone. Sincere thanks. What a good positive writing that can motivate one this morning.

    Happy Sunday

    Warm regards, Patrick

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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    • Thanks Patrick dear that was very sweet of you.<3


      • Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

        Such an awesome way of replying someone. Thanks. Again
        As always your posts are incredible and I enjoying reading every word down till the last line. I must say that you are probably one of the excellent bloggers on WordPress that write inspired

        Also, I just posted: OSCILLATION
        Would love to know your views. Love to see your contributions on it. I’m always excited for your comment. 🙂

        You are welcome

        Peace ✌and Love ❤

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    It shows your concern for such post.


    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

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  42. Wow !
    Is so good she waited all that time.
    Thank you Laleh .

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  43. You did not know any better then..

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  44. the soul
    a window
    taken a pic
    and click
    like the mosque
    is Jesus
    they scream
    no solution today
    do not say His name
    why not
    of course so!

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