Living beautiful is excellent| زیبا زندگی کرد ن بسیار عالی است

“155th story”



Mr. Rasti bought some furniture, and to move the furniture; he hired two guys. They asked Mr. Rasti to pay them four hundred.


Mr. Rasti bargained, and finally, they agreed to finish the job for three hundred.

When the job finished, Mr. Rasti paid three hundred to one of them. That guy thanked Mr. Rasti, put one hundred in his pocket and gave two hundred to the other guy.


Mr. Rasti couldn’t ignore what he saw and said: “I thought you guys were partners, and it was one hundred fifty each?!”


That guy said: “My friend has two children and is in debt; he needs the money more than me. I have only one kid and no debt.”


Mr. Rasti took one hundred out of his pocket and said: “Sorry, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have barggened. Here is your share. Now you both made two hundred each.”


The guy got very happy and gave his partner half fo that money too.

Mr. Rasti was so amazed at the Generosity of this young man. He had never seen anything like this. He thought to himself: “Generosity needs a big heart, not a big pocket. Everyone can become rich, but not all can be unstinting. Becoming rich is a skill, but becoming generous is attainment. Everyone can educate, but not all can gain knowledge. Becoming educated is a talent, but growing informed needs virtue. Everyone lives, but not all live beautifully. Living is a habit, but living beautifully is excellent.

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  1. What an epic story Ma’am 🤗💖
    Indeed we live just half. To live full needs a skill that can be learned from heart only, not by mind.
    Have a blessed day Ma’am 💖💕💖

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  2. The lesson is so subtle that some of us need to have it pointed out. Good job.

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  3. This is such a beautiful post with great lessons for everyone. I love this line, “Becoming rich is a skill, but becoming generous is attainment.”
    Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

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  4. Excellent story thanks for sharing.

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  5. beautiful story on generosity, subhanAllah.
    If i read correctly the Persian tin title, it is written- “Zeba Zindagi Gardan ba-Sayaar Aala Ast”.
    Persian and Urdu/Hindi have lots of common words. In India, “Zeba, Zindagi, Aala” are often used and surprisingly, “Ast” is a common occurrence in Sanskrit.

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  6. All the people that have been generous to me were not very rich. Generosity is a property of the heart not of the purse. ❤

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  7. Beautiful story.
    Yes to be generous big and kind heart is needed. 👌👌💕

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  8. Another beautiful and heartwarming story of the goodness in each one of us ❤

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  9. What a beautiful story about one man’s big, kind, selfless and generous heart. It’s nice to be reminded that there are phenomenal people out there in the world.

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  10. money for nothing
    tantum ergo sum

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  11. That action I call a compassionate heart to the other.

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  12. Ma sha Allah. Your stories are a gem. Happy that I get to read them. Subhan Allah.

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  13. I share all your stories with my family. Jazak Allah Khair

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  14. There are too many people grabbing all they can in life instead of being generous and gracious.

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  15. Lovely story on generosity Laleh!

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  16. Being happy is brilliant. And peaceful and satisfied is just another level of good. May Allah grant you happiness.

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  17. This is a lesson we could all learn. ❤

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  18. A wonderful story! And a good reminder of how much more we could be doing for others. 🙂

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  19. Thank you very much for following my blog and God bless you.

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  20. La generosità è una qualità che solo gli animi nobili hanno.

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