The Blind|روشن دل

“42nd story”

First published: June.07.2018

A blind man was walking in a dark alley while carrying a clay pot of water on his shoulder and a lit lantern in his other hand.


A nosy person was passing in the opposite direction and as soon as he saw the blind man, he started laughing and making fun of him.


The nosy person said: “Maybe I should remind you that you are blind.”


The blind man tried to ignore him and just continued walking.


The nosy person added: “Why would a blind person need a light? To hope to see?”, he laughed loudly and continued: “In your eyes, days and nights are just dark, what would this lantern do for you?”


The blind man smiled and replied: “My son, you are absolutely right that days and nights are always dark in my eyes. But I am not carrying this lantern to see what’s in front of me, I am carrying it so that dark minded people like you can see what is in front of them, to be careful not to hit me and break my clay pot. Smart people stay cautious of the unwise. I may be blind sighted, but you are blind minded.”


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  1. Dear Laleh thanks for sharing this beautiful story, I would never allow myself to say such thing to a blind person.

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  2. Great story with an excellent ending!

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  3. Simply wow💕💕liked much✌😊

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  4. Excellent one! Your stories always leave me awe stricken!😊💕

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  5. Blind men often learn to see with new eyes…

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  6. Wonderful story. I knew from the start it would be a good one. You never disappoint Laleh Chini!

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  7. “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller. Your marvelous stories are always overflowing with wisdom. Thank-you!

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  8. Good and wise story, we forget to see with our hearts as well as our eyes.

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  9. Great post!

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  10. The moral of this story is deeply thoughtful and very well written!!!Thanks for sharing Laleh!!!😊☺️💕

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  11. Superficial thinking…
    The blind man is so wise…

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  12. Profound wisdom,
    to confound the wise
    in their own eyes.

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  13. Oh wow hahah this was great!! The personalities are so witty!

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  14. Another beautiful story! 💜💛
    Actually I was in conversation with a totally blind lady today, as we were sharing the gospel of Christ she mentioned that in al years of blindness she has met so many “seeing” people that were as blind as her in life matters.
    Thank you Laleh 🌹

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  15. What a great story and a great reminder to see things differently

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  16. Great story………love the lesson!


  17. ‘Blind minded,’ the ignorance of man. I sometimes can’t see what’s ‘under my nose.’ Great story, so much wisdom in one post! 🙏🏽💛

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  18. I love this! It is a great lesson ❤️

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  19. Amazing. You write beautifully.

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  20. Wat een prachtig verhaal zou goed zijn als iedereen het las want er zijn heel wat ongevoelige mensen in de wereld die eerst beter zouden nadenken voor iets te zeggen dat mensen kwetst

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  21. The lesson he taught ❤…

    Can i borrow your pictures? If you don’t minf

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  22. These stories are fascinating!! Are these fictional or nonfiction stories? I love your site! 😀

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  23. Thank you for the follow. Great story. I wonder if you combined the quote of asking strategic questions, and the ending of this story, you would get: The Blind Man could “see” the pain in the Rude Man’s heart (that was the reason for his rudeness) The Blind Man had compassion on the Rude Man and decided to be a friend to the Rude Man. (Whether the Rude Man reciprocated being a friend to the Blind Man or not). Now the Blind Man could use his gift of “seeing” into the hearts of negative people, and ask the Rude Man if the Blind Man could buy him a cup of coffee, and they both could laugh over the situation they found themselves in?

    This ending lacks the “zing” of the first story. But this is how I solve negative situations. Thank you for a great story.

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  24. Got a light? The U.S. could use one right now….

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  25. Laleh, thanks for subscribing to my blog. This story is filled with wisdom on so many levels. It offers me something to think on and see if I can apply what I learn to my own life.

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  26. Wisdom snared is a true gift of love.

    Thank you,


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  27. …and may Iran continue to hold a lantern out before my country…I grieve our treatment of you. Thank you for visiting and following Spirituality Without Borders, Laleh. I appreciate your presence there.

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  28. Wondrous piece of wisdom! I will remember this one and recall it in the times of need

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  29. Sommige mensen zijn zo dom en blind voor andersman onheil .Ze zijn niet waard om vrij rond te lopen..waar is het toch verkeerd gegaan bij sommige mensen men zou hen terug moeten opvoeden

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  30. Laleh, that’s a huge lesson to be learned from just a few words. You are a great storyteller!

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  31. just like son tom
    and not my mom
    you re dumb
    and numb
    to what is in front of you
    now not to be
    taught me less
    and did not impress
    the importance
    of being earnest
    upon me
    wilde breath
    the importance

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  32. Awesome answer by the intelligent man😀😀😀😀👌👌👌👌👌

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