Don’t Ignore Your Surrounding|اطرافیان خود را نادیده نگیرید

“159th story”

Payam walked in the park near his house, every morning before work.

Every day at the same time, a man his age was walking in the park and shook head to Payam to say hi.


They became friends after a while.

Saman once told Payam that he has to do a day travel for a job matter. Payam needed to do something in the same city and said he would join if it were Okay with Saman.


Saman agreed, and both new friends drove with Saman’s car to the destination.

On the way there were two convenient stores, Saman stopped in front of the poor looking one, to get some snacks. Payam said: “The other store looks better, let’s go there.”


Saman said: “Looks like that store is doing good; let’s give this one business.”

At the entrance of the destination city, three guys were selling natural honey. Saman stopped and bought one bottle from each guy.


Payam said: “Why did you buy from all three of them? Did you need three bottles?”

Saman said: “I couldn’t break their heart. I had to buy from all of them. We need to give each other business.”


They parked the car in the city to have some food. A boy jumped in front of them to sell kleenex. Saman bought all the eight boxes.


Payam said: “You could buy 20 boxes of kleenex from a supermarket with that money. You paid too much to this boy.”

Saman said: “I know, but this little guy is probably supporting a family, we need to help each other.”


An older adult was sitting in a corner with a scale. Saman said: “Let’s weigh ourselves.”

Payam said: “I have a scale at home.”

Saman said: “I do too, but this is how this guy is doing business. Let’s help him.”


Saman made several more good moves on that one day trip.

Saman was a simple employee with a broken car and was very generous to the people around him.

And Payam was a business owner, with a great life and stood there watching and wondering. Payam never looked at the people around him as someone who would need his help.

Now he learned decent people are crying for help, and we just pass and ignore them.

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  1. Fabulous story. Generosity needs only kind heart.👌👌

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  2. attention
    sometimes yes
    mostly no
    but this you already
    are aware
    of ah so
    greet marie
    then in that lebanese chort
    in the canuck city
    you live in~

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  3. I loved Saman’s behaviour, it’s good to help each other,but there must be a limit for that as well. Charity is good as long as it doesn’t destroy yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Love the lesson of supporting our small businesses and street vendors. Our money goes a long way in helping those who are truly in need.

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  5. Such an important message,dear Laleh! Thank you for sharing this! ❤

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  6. Indeed, dear Laleh! The world must read these stories in news to remember the true call of humanity! Shukran! Only sympathy & kindness will save us.

    Best wishes,
    Maria 🙂

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  7. great story with a moral we all could benefit from; I love the photos and how you worked them seamlessly into the tale 🙂

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  8. Very thoughtful and generous of Samam. We all need to support small businesses these days, in order to have them survive.

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  9. Wonderful story true to life.

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  10. Wow
    you have written a wonderful story, if you have permission,
    I would like to complete this story.

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  11. Thank you, Laleh. A vital lesson we should all learn. ❤

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  12. That’s an excellent lesson for each of us.

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  13. E poi l’imprenditore deve ricordare che il suo benessere passa anche per le mani di chi lavora per lui. E va rispettato.
    Se tutti avessimo le stesse possibilità il mondo sarebbe equo e migliore.

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  14. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    C.O.M.P.A.S.S.I.O.N.!!!!! 😀

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  15. Sush a sweet and beautiful story. 😊

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