Poisoned Money|پول مسموم

“163rd story”

Once upon a time;

There lived a wealthy man.

His family told him: “You should donate some money to poor people,

It makes you look good.”

The wealthy guy didn’t like the idea and disliked all the poor people in the town.

Long-time passed, and the wealthy man’s advisors pushed him to give some money to the charity, just for the sake of reputation.

In his thought, paying poor people was a waste, and they didn’t deserve any help.

But now that it was a matter of reputation, the wealthy man had to donate some money.

He poisoned a large amount of money and put it into small bags.

So when each individual opens the bag and touches the money, they would die.

This way, maybe him and all the rich people would be free of poor people’s colossal burden. He gave the massive sack of money to his advisors, who pushed him to donate.

He was very happy for what he did and couldn’t wait for the news to determine how many of those poor people had died.

 That was a great idea.

 He planned in his mind to continue this until all the poor in his town are dead.

After a few days, the local newspaper spread a piece of strange news:

It is unfortunate to announce that the leading heads of the town and some of the indicators had been dead mysteriously.

And also the rich man’s advisors.

There won’t be any poor or hungry on earth if all the money people put in charities delivered to them. We know so many are abusing these sums of money!

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  1. Wonderfully revealed 👏

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  2. I am reminded of this each year about this time as the charities – some actually reputable – begin their pitches. How nice to have a fable to remind me.

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  3. money is a green tool
    envy not what he got
    cos you luckily are not
    and take
    the dust off
    that we all gotta return to
    and the book of life
    is ya quest
    be my guest
    ha ha ha

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  4. Ohhhhh, Laleh. By the time I saw that coming, your roller coaster headed me straight into it. I’ll run around and ride again.

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  5. Very interesting twist in this story. A true original.

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  6. Beautiful story as usual and I loved the last sentence: we know so many are abusing these sums of money.

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  7. So true, Laleh. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that money also returned to the hands of that cruel, wealthy man.

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  8. Una parabola perfetta x questi tempi molto travagliati!
    Love 💕💕💕


  9. Laleh, I’m planning on adding a few Guest Bloggers, and would love to have you participate. This can be a new piece or a reposting of one you’ve already written and feel strongly about. The only parameter is that it more-or-less fit into my “power of Story” theme. What do you think?

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  10. Great parable, dear Laleh, and very apt!


  11. Wonderful story Laleh as always leaving the reader thought provoked at the end. 😊 And as you said, If rich would offer their “Zakaat” or “charity” rightfully then no one would remain poor. Rich are becoming richer and poor, poorer.

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  12. I had to read the story twice, to get the twist, greed can be killing weapon. He should get some of the poor people to be his advisors.

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  13. So true Laleh .
    Great story 💖

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  14. Such a wonderful story, it reminds me of how people want to tax the rich but at the end of the day the poor gets taxed the more. Good deeds is like a seconds hand on the wallclock, with patience it would get to you.

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  15. Very original and interesting ! Thank Laleh.

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  16. I see a metaphorical, political reality in your share. An interesting read! 💗☕️☕️🤔


  17. Hai raccontato con garbo quanto l’avidità umana non guarda il reale bisogno del più umile della Terra.

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  18. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  19. Great moral of the story. There are huge donations but probably its not reaching the most deserving due corruption and embezzlement.
    Jazakallahu Khayran.

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  20. Much truth! I find myself pausing and thinking how power, greed, and fear consume certain people and their outlook of the world.

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  21. So deep. I love it. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

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  22. This story contains a fundamental truth. The most generous people in the world are typically those who do not make much money. That’s the conclusion I’ve reached based on my experience in any case. Thank you Laleh and congratulations on the Canada Book Award! Keep up the great work!

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