Black Dot|نقطه سیاه

“47th story”

First published: July.12.2018

A professor came to class and asked his university students to get ready for an unexpected exam. The students got a little scared because they were not prepared.


The professor put the paper on everyone’s desk and said: “Now turn over your papers. You have 60 minutes to answer.”


Everyone turned their papers and saw a blank page with a black dot in the middle. They were so confused and looked at the professor, wondering what he expected them to write. It just seemed so crazy.


The professor said: “Write about what you see on this page.”

60 minutes passed and everyone handed in their papers.

The professor started reading each one of the answers. Every student explained the situation of the black dot in many different ways.


The professor said; “I wanted to exam the way of your thinking. None of you wrote about the white part of the page. All your attention was towards the black dot; this is the reality of life.


We only see the weaknesses, sicknesses, lack of money, fights, separations, the many black dots in our lives.


We have so many things to be grateful for, like the white part of the page, but we concentrate on the problems and poison our minds. Take your eyes off from the black dots in your life and focus on all the good things that are happening right now that you’ve been failing to see.


Be happy and thankful and spend your precious moments with love and passion. Life is too short.”

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  1. Very inspiring, great message….👍

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  2. oh magical story with such a crucial message … you are the best!

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  3. Well written, thanks for sharing!. 🙂

    “The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” Kahlil Gibran

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  4. Another life lesson story. Yes you are right most of people see just the black dots in their life we have to be optimistic all the time you mentioned a very important thing God bless you.

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  5. wonderful story with an awesome message!

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  6. It is always a pleasure reading your posts. Great life lesson!

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  7. This is an amazing story! Thank-you so much for sharing!

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  8. Very good story and a very good point made Laleh

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  9. So true. Often when you do something good but out of 100 % , 5% is wrong the world will only criticise you and not appreciate you for th major goodness done. So as you stated and my conclusion of life is life your life fully with no regrets and dont think what society will say. Be good without expectaions.
    lovely story shared

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  10. Lovely, the potholes on the road attract our attention so much that we forget to see the scenery around…

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  11. An uplifting lesson that would be well learned!

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  12. Love and get inspired when wise gurus or university professors teach lessons like this! 😍

    As I was reading this Laleh, it reminded me of so very many discussions I’ve had regarding authentic history, the “Historical Method” of verifying said history which relies on excellent critical-thinking skills and tools, AND a fairly recent new field of scientific study called Agnotology, a topic/domain I am absolutely EUPHORIC about! Hahahaha! 🤩

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post and proverb. Tunnel-vision is certainly part of human nature. I do know that ONE cure for it is experiencing as much DIVERSITY in this world as is possible! As a very famous American author once wrote:

    Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. — Mark Twain

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  13. Yet another beautiful and meaningful story 👌 loved the message and this post 😍 🤗

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  14. Great story!

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  15. So true, Laleh.
    At the end of an unexpected and disconcerting psychological test – part of the process before my acceptance into a religious community – I was given a blank sheet of paper. There was no black dot to distract my attention; only the empty white space of an unknown future of endless possibilities.

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  16. “I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.” – Socrates. The professor excelled at encouraging the students to think for themselves and then redirected their thinking. How often we focus on the dots and miss the greater parts of life. A lovely story to remind us that life is indeed too short…don’t miss any part of it! Thank-you!

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  17. So wise and inspirational 😍

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  18. Such a creative life-altering “exam,” Laleh, and a delightful recounting.

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  19. Fantastic this story and good lesson in it

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  20. Oh I think this is brilliant. True too……we do look at the black dot. In a day if 10 things go well and 2 go badly it is the 2 we focus on.

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  21. A wonderful message! 👌🏽😊

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  22. Brilliant point of the story, Laleh. I often wonder how you come up with your stories? Maybe you can tell us readers in another post, just a thought.

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  23. I need to share this one with everyone!. I love your posts, always full of wisdom and positivity ❤

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  24. Wonderful story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is another one !! With love for you!!!

    The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is an inspiring story. It is about having confidence to believe in yourself and encouraging and nurturing others.

    Most children struggle at some point and feel like they just can’t do something. The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is a wonderful story that helps to show that with a little perseverance and a change of perspective, amazing things are possible.

    At the beginning of the story we meet a young girl, Vashti. Her art class is over but her paper is empty.

    Vashti’s teacher approaches.

    Vashti yells…

    I just can’t draw!

    The teacher smiles gently and encourages Vashti to just make a mark. In a rage Vashti grabs a felt-tip pen and jabs the paper.

    Then, the teacher does something magical. She pushes the paper towards Vashti and quietly asks her to sign her name.

    The next time Vashti goes to her art class, what does she see? The jab of pen… the little dot… is hanging above her teacher’s desk in a beautiful frame.

    Seeing her artwork displayed so beautifully inspires Vashti to do better. She gets to work and starts painting a red dot, purple dot, yellow dot. Then she starts experimenting with colour mixing, always painting dots.

    Vashti even made a dot by NOT painting a dot.

    Vashti’s dots form an impressive display in the school art show.

    A little boy gazes up at Vashti. He wishes he could draw and be a fantastic artist like her but he can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler. Vashti gives the boy some paper and a pencil and asks the boy to show her one of his lines. She looks carefully at his work and then says…

    Sign it.

    Vashti’s teacher sparked her confidence and imagination allowing her to begin her creative journey. In turn, Vashti then becomes an inspiration to the little boy.

    The teacher’s encouragement of Vashti ripples outwards and has a positive impact on others.
    Talk about

    Vashti goes from being a sad and angry child, with no confidence, to someone who has the maturity and ability to help someone else to believe in themselves.

    The story doesn’t feature the other children in Vashti’s art class, it is about her personal journey, not comparing herself to others but challenging herself to do better. It seems to be human nature to constantly compare ourselves to others, but this often gets in the way of our own personal progression. When you begin to focus on your own individual milestones it can be much easier to get on with moving forward, rather than wasting energy on worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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  25. Truly expressed 😇👌👏❤

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  26. This one is an exception Laleh…. Inspiring and motivating. Amazing piece

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  27. A reminder of the great lesson of life. Thank you Laleh! ❤️ This should never be forgotten.

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  28. Outstanding life story Laleh. You are one special lady.ñ

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  29. Thanks for liking my post
    This is about a shiva temple in tamilanadu state India

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    • Thanks dear for explaining it to me. It’s always my pleasure to even look at the beautiful languages it amazes me.❤️


        (THE SECRET)

        After 8 years of R & D, Western scientists have proved that at Lord Nataraja ‘s big toe is the Centre Point of World ‘s Magnetic Equator.

        *Our ancient Tamil Scholar Thirumoolar has proved this Five thousand years ago!*

        His treatise, Thirumandiram is a wonderful Scientific guide for the whole world.

        To understand his studies, it may need a 100 years for us.

        Chidambaram temple embodies the following characteristics :

        1) This temple is located at the Center Point of world ‘s Magnetic Equator.

        2) Of the “Pancha bootha” i.e. 5 temples, Chidambaram denotes the Skies. Kalahasthi denotes Wind. Kanchi Ekambareswar denotes land. All these 3 temples are located in a straight line at 79 degrees 41 minutes Longitude. This can be verified using Google. An amazing fact & astronomical miracle !

        3) Chidambaram temple is based on the Human Body having 9 Entrances denoting 9 Entrances or Openings of the body.

        4) Temple roof is made of 21600 gold sheets which denotes the 21600 breaths taken by a human being every day (15 x 60 x 24 = 21600)

        5) These 21600 gold sheets are fixed on the Gopuram using 72000 gold nails which denote the total no. of Nadis (Nerves) in the human body. These transfer energy to certain body parts that are invisible.

        6) Thirumoolar states that man represents the shape of Shivalingam, which represents Chidambaram which represents Sadashivam which represents HIS dance !

        7) “Ponnambalam ” is placed slightly tilted towards the left. This represents our Heart. To reach this, we need to climb 5 steps called “Panchatshara padi ”
        “Si, Va, Ya, Na, Ma ” are the 5 Panchatshara mantras.

        There are 4 pillars holding the Kanagasabha representing the 4 Vedas.

        8) Ponnambalam has 28 pillars denoting the 28 “Ahamas “as well as the 28 methods to worship Lord Shiva. These 28 pillars support 64 +64 Roof Beams which denote the 64 Arts. The cross beams represent the Blood Vessels running across the Human body.

        9) 9 Kalasas on the Golden Roof represent the 9 types of Sakthi or Energies.

        The 6 pillars at the Artha Mantapa represent the 6 types of Sashtras.

        The 18 pillars in the adjacant Mantapa represents 18 Puranams.

        10) The dance of Lord Nataraja is described as Cosmic Dance by Western Scientists.

        Whatever Science is propounding now has been stated by Hinduism thousands of years ago !

        *Hinduism is not just religion. Its a way of living*.

        *Please DON’T MISS TO READ & Forward to all, as THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ARTICLE*.

        *🙏OM NAMA SIVAYA 🙏*

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      • You’re so kind dear thanks for translating, very interesting ❤️


  30. This was so uplifting…I LOVE IT ❤

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  31. Love it! Thank you!

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  32. Very interesting. I have a ten year old grand daughter who has a self confidence issue. She thinks that people don’t like her and she often starts a sentence with her assuming what people don’t like about her or what they are thinking. She was isolated until this past year, home schooled, but her mother did not provide social experiences for her or her brother with other children so she had no idea how to make sense of things. She is also quite a good artist. I am going to try this ( the dot) with both of them. Her brother is 11. I’ve been trying to teach them what they haven’t learned up til now. The mom packed up and left them 15 months ago. My son, whose work had him on the road a lot is now a full time dad.

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    • Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear that. What kind of mother could ever leave her kids just because it’s hard to take care of them. That’s shameful. When we lost my Dad my mother was only 31. The only thing gave her strength and made her get up and continue was these stories. Thanks darling for sharing your story , tell them to never give up.❤️


  33. What wonderful stories were part of your growing-up.

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  34. Love it, the perception of thought. Very well written. I the life lesson method the Professor used, he will now be able to engage them in learning think outside the box, redirect their focus on the directive and see beyond the horizon, most importantly have an attitude of gratitude. As a parent and teacher I believe in teachable moments.

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  35. Beautiful and meaningful! What a good way to connect the positive dots… Thanks for sharing Laleh. 😊

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  36. Wonderful . Captivating. Regards Jay

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  37. Reblogged this on For Much Deliberation and commented:
    A wonderful story…

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  38. Wat een grote levensles leverde dez vraagstelling.

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  39. What an amazing professor – we need more like that in this world, to challenge our way of thinking, to draw our attention to the white space on the page. This is fascinating as I probably wouldn’t have simply written about the dot, too. Thank you for sharing this! x

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  40. I’m so happy that I got to read this story. The power of thought and changing one’s perspective can create personal miracles. Excellent post, Laleh. ❤

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  41. It’s the way you perceive life. Is the glass half full or half empty? Being an optimist makes your life journey much easier 🙂

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  42. Thank you for a really wonderful story. Brings the brain to work 😉 and its a good advice too. Michael

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  43. Another great story with a great lesson to be learned. Thank you for sharing it.

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  44. Thanks for sharing this great message 😊

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  45. Beautiful analogy to keep in mind…

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  46. I love your story. The Professor turned a nearly blank page into one of many questions.

    It reminded me of Chuck Swindoll, a Christian Pastor in the United States, who observed he doesn’t see life as a series of ups and downs anymore. He sees life as two rails on a railroad. One rail is the good things always happening right now and the other rail is the “bad” things always happening right now. And he can choose which he looks at.

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  47. A wonderful entry, I thank you for it. what a simple, symbolic and wise approach. It is good that in addition to the black dots, we have a lot of good on the bright side of life.

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  48. Laleh, this story helps focus our vision on the many blessings which surround our lives. I pray others will find the peace of this story.

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  49. Mashallah. Very inspirational

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  50. A splendid story with a thought provoking message. I once knew a talented artist who would say the most difficult was the first mark on the paper

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  51. Great thoughts and I was going to give my vote to the one who. wrtoe nothing and took a nap. lol
    ❤️ Cindy


  52. I have some family members coming over for dinner next week. I will give them this test, see what happens 😃
    Thank you Laleh 💜

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  53. its a great story . makes a lot of thinking.

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  54. A really nice story 🙂 Thank you, Laleh!

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  55. Wonderful story Laleh with such a great and paramount message.❤️🌷 Always your stories are so inspiring 😊


  56. The professor sure has a unique way to convey ideas to her students. Beautiful post, Laleh. 🙂

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  57. Very true. We often focus on the negative, we get attracted to it not knowing we are affecting the quality of our life experiences.

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