A Letter from a Dead Man|نامه ای از مردی مرده

“109th story”

First Published: Sep.19.2019


Mr. Petin lived in Scotland. He had an apartment in London, and for a business matter, he stayed there 4 to 5 days per month. He was 72 years old but looked younger. He was brilliant and smart. I wasn’t just his Doctor but a best friend too.


He was a rich man. This story happened 4-5 years before his death. It was 1952 in an afternoon when Mr. Petin’s maid called me and asked me to get there as fast as I could. When I got there, he was in bed and looked very ill.


He said: “I know I’m dying. Can you give this letter to Trout?”

I looked at the envelope and the address on the back and asked: “Can I mail it to him? It’s in another city.”


Mr. Petin said: “No, please, you have to go there. I don’t have the place’s exact number, and also he lived there five years ago. I am not sure if he still lives there. Promise that you would find him and give him this letter. You are my best friend, and I can’t trust no one else.”


I promised him, and he passed away with peace.

After two weeks I decided to deliver the letter. That city was a little far from London. I drove with my old scrap car.

I found the address, but he didn’t live there anymore. I gave my address to the new owner and asked them to contact me if they had any news from Trout.


Months passed, and not delivering Trout’s letter was bothering me. One day while walking, I was crossing the street, when an old, wrecked car hit me. It was a minor accident. The driver jumped out of his car and felt so bad, he asked to take me to the hospital, but I was okay.


He said: “My name is Mr. Trout, please let me know in any way that I can help you?”

I was shocked and said: “Oh my God. Do you know anyone by the name of Petin?”

His face went purple and said: “Yes.”

“I have a letter for you; please come to my place so I can give it to you.”

He didn’t want, but he felt terrible not to.


He opened the letter and read it. Then said: “We were partners; I was a rich man. He made me broke. Now he has left me 75000 pounds! He asked me in this letter to see his lawyer. He left me more then what he owed me. Now I am rich again. He also asked me to give you 1000 pounds.”

“For me?” I asked shockingly.

He said: “I don’t have the money now, but as soon as I get the money from Petin’s lawyer, I will mail you a cheque.”


A few months later, I received a cheque of 1000 pounds; enough to buy a new car.

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  1. Beautiful story if something has to be delivered, destiny will definitely fix it even by accident. I call it power of God.

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  2. Thanks for sharing another beautifully weaved inspiring story.

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  3. He who seeks will find what he seeks in the most extraordinary ways. This is so true in life.

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  4. This story teaches that it is worth being a good person. If someone has been hurt, the wrong done must be repaired. Only then can you be human and peacefully die with a clear conscience. Your stories teach you how to proceed to earn the name MAN

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  5. Very Nice, Laleh
    Suspicious one.
    One day I’ll surely read you book.. 😊

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  6. Mr. Petin wanted to leave this earth, in honesty by paying back what he owed, I believe there are no coincidences in life, there are just surprising turns.

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  7. Interesting story Laleh. Have a good day ♥️

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  8. Life takes us on surprising journeys. Great story! 🙂

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  9. Beautiful story. One good turn deserves another.

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  10. I was scared to read it at first but the moral of all your stories ends on a positive note. Great story yet again

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  11. Wonderful ! Thank you Laleh Chini. Liked, shared, and flipped to my “Stories” Magazine:


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  12. The story reminds us God is always in control.

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  13. Very good and well penned story! Teaches us that two wrongs don’t make a right. When others do you evil for good, don’t reward them back with evil but with good and in the end you will be rewarded greatly for doing so. I’m glad Mr. Petin recognized his wrong and turned from it to good before his passing. 🙂 blessings & grace.

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  14. up and down
    smile or frown
    bull ta bear
    who really does care?

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  15. Very interesting. Well done, Laleh! ❤

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  16. Beautiful story. I enjoyed it all over again, Laleh.

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  17. An absorbing story till the end.

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  18. Interesting story Laleh ❤️ one gets surely what’s in his destiny, no matter what, sooner or later.😊🌷

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  19. A fascinating story. I love the context.

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  20. Nice. I recognise that castle, by the way – it is Dunrobin Castle.


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