The Dog Knew Better|سگ بهتر می دانست

“165th story”

Once upon a time,

a famous astronomer went to a desert with his apprentice.

 They went to learn more about the stars.

They looked for a great spot in which there was a Mill.

The astronomer and his apprentice were deep into the sky when the Miller came and said: “Tonight it will rain. I will allow you to sleep inside the Mill. But you have to come inside now because I want to lock the door.”

The astronomer said: “It will not rain tonight. The sky is clear.”

The Miller said: “I have a hearing problem; if it rains in the middle of the night and you knock on the door, I won’t hear you. So you better come inside now.”

The apprentice got a little offensive and said: “A scientist here is saying there will be no rain tonight.”

The Miller went inside, locked the door, and went to sleep.

The scientist and his apprentice were deep researching and analyzing each star when the rain started heavy. They knocked on the door of the Mill till morning, and Miller didn’t open the door.

In the morning, Miller opened the door and saw both the scientist and the apprentice are wet and shaking from cold.

The Miller said: “I told you it would rain, and I have a hearing problem.”

The scientist said: “ In such a clear sky, how could you know it was going to rain?”

Miller said: “I didn’t. My dog knows. Every time it is supposed to rain, my dog comes inside the Mill to sleep.”

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  1. cow s sit
    methane mode
    dog star
    keanus baand

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  2. A great reminder that we are not as clever as we think we are

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  3. It’s so hard to spend a night in the rain and cold weather, I hope God help every one to have a shelter. Beautiful story.

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  4. This story reminds me to pay attention to the little things around me. Sometimes we aren’t as intelligent as we think.

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  5. Always the faithful friend.. a dog knows..;-)

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  6. Never doubt the wisdom of animals!

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  7. Wonderful and most brilliant story, this story decides that who is brilliant. All learnt people aren’t brilliant.

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  8. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    DOGGONE! 😀

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  9. If only dogs could talk! They’d have so much to teach us.

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  10. Wisdom takes lots of forms. 🙂

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  11. La tua scrittura è semplicemente deliziosa.
    Anche la mia piccola Sally fiuta la pioggia e diventa nervosa e a volte si nasconde.
    Buona sera cara Laleh❣

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  12. L’umiltà! Che dono grande ormai dimenticato!

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  13. Slimme hond en molenaar die zijn hond heel goed kende en verstond

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