The Old Chest| صندوق قدیمی

“166th story”

There lived a beautiful lady married to a poor con man. The husband had a plan and told his fine-looking wife: “It’s been a while we haven’t had a proper meal, clothes, etc. I can’t take it anymore. I have a plan.”

The husband told his wife the plan.

The wife went to the Judge of the town and said: “Your honor, I am here to complain about my husband.”

The Judge saw a beautiful lady in need and told her: “Here, it is very crowded if you come to my home. I can listen carefully to your complaint.”

The wife said: “Your house is known, and someone might see me getting in, but my place is empty in a poor neighborhood, and my husband won’t come home till late at night. You can come after your work is done.”

The Judge went to the beautiful lady’s place with his assistant.

 In a short period of time, the husband came home. The wife asked the Judge to hide in a the old chest located in the corner of the room.

The Judge went to the empty box and hid.

The husband came in and saw a strange man. The fake fight started.

The husband said: “I will burn this old chest, the only memory of your family. You need to learn to respect me. God knows what you have been doing behind my back.”

When the husband went outside to find matches, the Judge asked his assistant to buy the treasure chest.

The assistant knew the Judge, and it wasn’t his first time to solve a similar problem.

When the husband came in, the assistant said: “At least let me buy the chest. Don’t burn it.”

And asked the price.

The husband said: “One thousand gold coins.”

The assistant said: “It’s not even worth one silver coin.”

The husband said, “This is my price, or I will burn it in the middle of the town.”

It was the matter of Judge’s reputation and honor, so the assistant agreed with the price.

The couple made an enormous amount of money. What I learned:

The husband is an example of the hungry people in society who use their minds to the path of deceiving, fraud, and abuse.

The Judge is an excellent example of the influential people who control society to abuse others’ wealth, beliefs, principles, and integrity. All history remembers the circle of life was like this.

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  1. Another intriguing morality tale!

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  2. the beave and or badger game
    the blame
    is the same
    with without
    the fighting
    is this is what
    is about
    or so roger waters sang of it

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  3. The poor is trapped in the never-ending cycle of surviving the exploitation and abuse of the rich.

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  4. As usual, a clever example of reaping what one sows, for the judge. “All history remembers the circle of life was like this.”- I do hope people don’t believe these are the only two kinds of humanity! I have known plenty of exceptions, thankfully.

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  5. i love your stories so much, Laleh!

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  6. The story is beautiful as well as the remarkable consequences you mentioned.

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  7. Well written. Very relevant!!

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  8. I love your stories Laleh.

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  9. Una storia molto significativa per far capire quanto la società sia corrotta da una parte e illegale, anche se per bisogno, dall’altra.
    Ci sarà mai una equa parità? Ci sarà mai il rispetto e la responsabilità? L’onestà?…

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  10. Such a powerful story! ❤️

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  11. What a poignant story! I always love the way you compose your stories 🙂

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  12. thanks for choosing me.. as a friend God bless you…

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  13. Zoals al je verhalen Laleh is dit ook weer een pareltje van een verhaal.Bedankt

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