For A Good Reason|احتمالاخیربوده

“167th story”

Once upon a time;

a king had a loyal right-hand man. The right-hand man had a saying; “It was for a good reason.”

He used this saying on any matter or occasion.

One day the king and his right-hand man were exploring the mountains.

 And suddenly, the king’s hand got stuck in a stony place. They tried very hard to release the king’s hand, but unfortunately, he lost one finger.

The right-hand man said: “It was probably for a good reason.”

The king was in pain and got very angry about the right-hand man’s stupid comment and ordered to put him in a dungeon.

One year passed, and the king went to the mountain for hunting. A tribe attacked him and took the king as a prisoner.

The tribe’s belief was to sacrifice a human once a year for their Gods.

But concerning their Gods, that person had to be completely healthy.

When they saw the king doesn’t have a finger, they let him free.

Then the king remembered his right-hand man’s words when he was in pain of losing a finger. “It was probably for a good reason.”

The king ordered to free his right-hand man.

When the king told the right-hand man, tribe’s story, he said: “It was probably for a good reason.”

The king said: “Why?”

The right-hand man said: “If I weren’t in jail, I would be on that hunting with you, and the tribe would sacrifice me after finding you unhealthy.”

Many things happen for a good reason, and we don’t understand it at that painful, challenging moment.

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  1. Loved it and Reblogging it.

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  2. You post beautiful stories every week and I love to read them and learn from them ,everything truly happens for a good reason.

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  3. Thank you for another uplifting story, Laleh! Sorry, i dont get the WP notifications as regularely, as the artificial intelligence should do. 😉 I hope you are well, and enjoy the fall. Please stay save, an have a beautiful weekend! Michael

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  4. I love this story and its unexpected twist.

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  5. Yes! We have to look beyond the obvious and have faith! 🙂

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  6. I love this story, Laleh. I can think of several cases in my own life. At the time of our misfortune, we are not able to appreciate that the event may some day lead to a positive outcome.

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  7. Oh my goodness Laleh, this is a wonderful story to teach us to look at events from another perspective……..thank you for sharing.

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  8. nothing happens without a mysterious reason but we must be active architects of this change and not undergo it.
    Thanks sweet Laleh ❣❣❣

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  9. Beautiful story💗 Indeed, we can never know What God’s plans are, but they are always good in the long run. 😊

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  10. Lovely story
    Everything happens for a good cause ✌️👍

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  11. A profound story with an amusing punch-line

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  12. Yes! So true.
    Have a nice weekend Laleh. 😀🍃♥️

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  13. Loved this meaningful story!!

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  14. Great story! Surely is for a good reason I just read it…greetings!

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  15. Yes, everything happens for a GOOD reason. 🙂

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  16. and that good reason is karma 🙂

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  17. Wow – talk about looking at the bright side of things. This is a powerful story that really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing it.

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  18. Excellent, nice story Laleh, everything happens to us for a good reason and that good reason may not be sometime of our interest.

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  19. So true,dear Laleh! Life itself is for a good reason! Cheers! 💐🌺

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  20. You’re right.
    “Many things happen for a good reason, and we don’t understand it at that painful, challenging moment”.

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  21. Credo che a volte non dovremmo chiererci perchè, o voler sapere per forza perchè le cose accadano. propabilemnte ognuno ha il suo destino segnato, e quel destino ci appartiene anche se a noi sembra che nel presente le cose vadano male poi potrebbero rivelarsi a nostro favore.

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  22. Grazie a te, con i tuoi racconti dai modo alla riflessione di nascere.

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