Gem’s Mount|کوه جواهر

“75th story”

First Published: Jan.24.2019


A young boy was looking for a job to support his sick mother. As he walked around town looking for a job, he saw a ‘help wanted’ sign on a shop full of valuable stone gems. He walked in and got hired right away. The owner said: “Be here at 3 in the morning the next day.”


At 3 in the morning the boy went to the store and the owner was ready there with 2 camels, one he was riding on and the other one was carrying some full and empty sacks. The boy held the bridle of the camel and followed the owner for hours until they arrived at the foot of a tall, straight mountain.


The owner got off his camel, spread a cow skin and asked the boy to lie down on it. He put the empty sacks on the boy, then wrapped the skin and tightened it with rope. Then he put some fresh meat all around the skin under the ropes and went behind a stone. The boy was wondering and constantly asking the reason.


Two strong eagles came from the top of the mountain and grabbed the ropes with their claws and carried the boy to their nest. The eagles ate all the meat and the rope was ripped with their beaks and when the eagles went flying, the frighten boy escaped the nest. The owner shouted; “You see all the precious stones? Collect them, put it in the sacks and throw it down. Then I will tell you how to get down.”


The boy wasn’t stupid; it was impossible to go down this mountain. He walked around to figure out a way when saw the bones of many people. He realized how this rich person got all the stones in his store. As much as the owner shouted, the boy ignored him and didn’t throw any sack down.


The owner left before dark very disappointed because he never had a boy refuse to throw gemstones down the mountain for him.

The smart boy figured that the only way to go down was using the eagles, so he fought an eagle with a stick until he managed to get a hold of the eagle’s foot. He eventually got to the base of the mountain.


The boy put on a disguise and walked to the same store for a job the next day and got hired. He prepared a letter and carried ink, and early in the morning followed the store owner to the mountain. When the owner asked him to lie on the skin, the boy said: “Show me how to do it.”


When the owner laid down, the boy wrapped him and tightened the rope very fast. Before adding the meat, he pressed the owner’s finger on the ink and then the letter, which was giving ownership of the store and stones to the boy. The boy added the meat to the ropes while the owner was shouting and begging. The eagles took the rich man up to the mountain to be the witness and final victim of all the crimes he committed over the years.

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  1. Ι have already ordered for your book and i am waiting for it!! Kisses!!!!!!!

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  2. Ha, like it. Though isn’t it awful, we always delight in the villain’s retribution; probably in the hope our own oppressors will get their comeuppance.

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  3. A hard lesson…. “ do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” — Matthew 7:12

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  4. Mashallah! very good lesson. seems like Sindbad Stories I read in my childhood 🙂

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  5. … I didn’t expect such an end!

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  6. Brilliant story 👌 I was worried for him in the beginning. I am so glad he used his brain instead of blindly following his boss’s orders. That’s my takeaway from today’s story. Thanks for sharing it. I loved it just like all the other Friday stories 😍😊

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  7. Very nice and oh so true! What we put out, is what we get back. Thank you!

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  8. Eeek! Instead of his sins finding him out they carried him off!

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  9. What an awesome story. I couldn’t stop reading until the end! Good ending!

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  10. Very interesting story. I love how it ends.

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  11. The owner had an insatiable greed and the clever boy outwitted him brilliantly. The owner would have ended better had he listened to the wise words of Seneca : “The highest wealth is the absence of greed.” This story contains a lesson for all and the pictures help tell it beautifully. Thank-you! P.S. The title of the story tickles me because my 5 year old Grandson, Benjamin, named me “Gem” when he was 2 1/2 years old. I had formerly chosen to be called “Grand”, I like Gem better!

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Moral: Be careful of the traps you set, you just might be the victim of your our schemes! A lovely story!

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  13. I love reading your stories Laleh !

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  14. What a clever boy. Absolutely enjoyed it.

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  15. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  16. A very good act of
    Tit for Tat

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  17. Each of your stories gives a lot to think about. He teaches how not to proceed. You are a wonderful man

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  18. What a powerful story
    Gives a person something deep to contemplate. Excellent writing

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  19. Laleh, I’ve finished — and heartily recommend — your book “Climbing Over Grit”. I’ll be publishing a formal review on this Sunday 2/3/19. Thought you might like to know. ❤

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  20. Colorful miracles. Amethyst is my stone. I have a bracelet with him. And pink quartz on the heart.

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  21. As a former geology student, that Tale appeals for me. It reminds me of Tales of the Arabian Nights. It would make a good play for children. 🙂

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  22. Wow! What goes around comes around.

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  23. Wonderful story…
    that simply shows karma is a boomerang..

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  24. Wonderful story Laleh that provides some keen insight to things in life as well. 🙂

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  25. Many jewels in this powrful story Laleh! ❤️❤️❤️Cindy

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  26. I love the morality of your stories!

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  27. I love reading your short stories with good morals🙂 this too was masterpiece like your other stories😍

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  28. Wonderful story as always ❤️ Loved it😊there is always an end to your greed and wrongdoings, on the other hand, we should indeed keep our eyes and brain open to know how to find a way out. 😀💜

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  29. What a smart boy! The eagles and the gems somehow recall me of Sinbad. Did you get the inspiration from it? 🙂

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  30. You get your just deserve they say.. 😉

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  31. Love it very much! You are a wonderful storyteller too, Laleh! We always have to look on the result. Michael

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