Shepherd’s Prayer|نماز چوپان

“169th story”

A young man was traveling with his father. His father passed away in the middle of their trip. As they were walking town to town, the young man had to bury his father at that place.

The young man wanted to do prayers for his father and started looking for someone to do that.

The young man saw a Shepherd and asked: “Who prays for dead’s in your village?”

The Shepherd replied: “No one special, I can pray for him.”

The young man asked kindly: “Then can you pray for my father’s soul, please?”

The Shepherd got closer to the dead body and mumbled for a few sentences, and said: “Okay, your father’s prayer is done.”

The young man said: “Is that it?!!!”

The Shepherd said: “I don’t know any better.”

The young man buried his father perforce and left.

That same night the young man had a dream; His father was in a perfect situation and said I have it because of Shepherd’s prayers.

The next day, the young man went back to the Shepherd; and asked him: “What did you say in your short prayer?”

The Shepherd said: “I told God if this man was my guest tonight, I would cook the meat of one of my sheep for him, and I don’t have much. Now he is your guest. You are the God and own the entire universe; I am sure he will be in good hands.”

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  1. Beautiful story! There could be no better prayer than the shepherd’s, he is indeed a worldly wise man.

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  2. Your WhatsApp number please I will like to chat with u

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  3. The best prayer I have ever heard ,God bless the shepherd and you for sharing this beautiful story.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Subhan Allah! Speechless.

    The last words of the shepherd in the story have touch my heart. How beautifully he prayed to Allah also showed his strong faith in Almighty.

    Hats off you. I must truly admit that you’re blessed by Allah. 😍💞

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  5. Wonderful! This brought a tear to my eyes!

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  6. Another beautiful story, Laleh 🙂 The prayer of the humble shepherd reminds us of the power of prayer that comes from the heart and seeks nothing for self.
    Your ability to convey powerful life lessons in short and simple stories is truly amazing. I would love to have a book of your Collection of Selected Stories. Blessings ❤

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  7. Very touching story.i love it💓

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  8. Laleh, this is so wonderul. you are truly my favourite storyteller.✨

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  9. May the good heart of the shepherd be blessed.

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  10. Me ha encantado la historia. Salud y saludos.

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  11. A lovely story. A simple, heartfelt prayer is always the best!

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  12. Such a beautiful story, Laleh. Stay safe xx

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  13. The shepherd prayed beautifully and simply. Simplicity in feelings has power.

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  14. so heartwarming Laleh!❤️ Cindy

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