The Apple Tree|درخت سیب

“170th story”

Once upon a time;

There were an apple tree and a little boy.

The little boy of our story always played under that tree and talked to it like a best friend. He climbed the apple tree sometimes to pick apples, lay down its shade, and made beautiful memories.

The little boy grew up, and he had no time to do all those childish plays with the apple tree.

One day the apple tree said to the boy: “Come and play with me.”

The boy replied: “I don’t like to play anymore. I have more important things to think of, I need many kinds of stuff for my life, and I don’t have money for it.”

The apple tree said: “You can sell my apples and buy what you need with the money.”

The boy liked the idea and picked all the apples and sold them and bought everything he needed. After that, the apple tree waited for the boy to visit, but the boy only stopped by when it was the season of picking apples.

A long time passed and the boy was young. He visited the apple tree.

“Why are you so sad? Come and sit under my shade. Let’s talk like the old days.” The apple tree asked.

The boy replied: “I need money, and your apples won’t cover the price anymore.”

The apple tree said: “Cut my branches and sell them to the woodcarver. He will pay you good money for that.”

The boy got happy and cut all the apple tree’s branches. The apple tree stood bare and alone.

A long time passed, and the boy came back and said: “I have to go on a trip, and I need a boat.”

The apple tree said: “You can make a boat with my trunk.”

The boy cut the apple tree, made a boat, and left again.

Many years passed, and the boy came to the apple tree, old, sad, and tired.

The apple tree said: “I don’t have any apple, branches, nor trunk to give you. I can’t even offer you any shade.”

The boy said: “I am tired of my acts. I just need to be beside you in my last days of life. The only thing that I can say is: “It is too late for me to regret all the things I did to you and my loved ones.”

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  1. cut to the quick
    by his self pity
    and selfish sticks
    slow to learn
    and oft
    to ask and shout
    the same damn things
    chopped down
    and hewn around
    and rue
    what ya cannot now undo~

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  2. Bonjour, vos contes m’enchantent (c’est le cas de le dire 🙂 ) merci très bonne journée louise salmone

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  3. Sad but true. So many persons hurting even their own mothers, families for money or silly feuds. Great history as usual. Regards!

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  4. A bittersweet (lovely) tale . . .

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  5. Isn’t life amazing! This story is an eye opener. Thank you and many hugz to you.

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  6. What a selfish boy ,if I was that apple tree I would never forgive him. Beautiful story.

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  7. It happens when people forget to work on inner self and keep running behind outer self. Very nice story as always 😊.

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  8. We take and take and never give back. Our selfishness has no end.

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  9. I need some apple trees around my house!

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  10. Moral of the story is, take care of all the one’s who give you unconditional love, even an apple tree.

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  11. Very informative story in very simple words

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  12. Its a very touching story😢

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  13. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  14. Purtroppo egoismo e la mancanza di riconoscenza sono atteggiamenti che portano il buio nell’anima. A volte si vorrebbe tornare indietro, ma non si fa in tempo.

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  15. Such a beautiful and heart touching story Laleh ❤️❤️❤️

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  16. I enjoyed reading this. 🌹🌹

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