The Oblation|خیرات

“171st story”

There lived a poor man. He was too old to work, and his living depended on other people’s support.

One day he heard a very rich man in his town is donating food. He walked a long way to get to the rich man’s house and knocked on the door.

The rich guy opened the door angrily and looked at the poor man’s ripped clothes and thick dirty hair. He felt disgusted and asked: “What do you want, old man? I think you lost your way!”

The poor man replied kindly: “I heard you are donating food to poor people, that’s why I came to your door.”

The rich man said: “Whoever passed the news didn’t do a good job. My dog was sick, and the vet said she might go blind. I vowed to God if my dog wouldn’t go blind, I will feed a truly blind person. But unfortunately, I can’t help you because you are not blind.”

The poor man felt so bad, regretted his visit, and said: “Actually, the truly blind person is me. I was too blind to see a selfish, spoiled person like you would ever help others unless there is a benefit in it for you.

You prayed to God for the cure of your dog, and in return, you put specific obligations. People like you take advantage of everything. You make deals even with God.”

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  1. Wonderful story depicting the selfish face of our world. Most of us believe in give and take relationship.

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  2. Another jewel from your necklace of tales. Love your stories Laleh.

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  3. A wonderfully powerful message here. Thank you very much! Hugz

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  4. petition
    self cannot save
    one and one
    is a four letter
    so too stop
    and look around
    see what you found~

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  5. It’s true, most of rich people just think of their benefits when they do charity or donate, I loved the poor man’s responding.

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  6. Thank you for this beautiful story. Yes, the truth of life. You can not, maybe better should not try to trade with God.
    I hope you’re fine, Laleh!
    Enjoy the week! Best wishes, Michael

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  7. Very Powerful and timely message. Thank you

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  8. Very powerful message, loved this story too. 🤗💗

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  9. Gracias… Me gusta. Salud y saludos

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  11. Sometimes we fail because we are stuck on one thing only. We never know who will open doors for us. Beautiful lesson.

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  12. Awesome and a Blessing Story. It’s too much taking in this world and not enough giving. Society puts to many obligations for this and should be a cheerful giver than a taker🤓🙏

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  13. A sad commentary on what some people call their faith. For them, God is merely a vending machine — Someone to be appeased, when we are confronted w/ hardship, but otherwise put out of mind.

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  14. Non sempre ciò che pensiamo si rivela realtà!
    Una bella e costruttiva metafora della vita.

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  15. I enjoyed reading this and the imagery as well. It brought me to reflecting on my own life and how I haven’t been immune to behaving that way as well if I’m honest. Humbling.

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