The Boots|چکمه ها

“173rd story”

Shadi was a daycare teacher for four-year-old kids.

Once on a recess, she was trying to put a kid’s boots on, but as much as she tried, it didn’t fit the kid’s feet. She picked up the kid, sat him on the desk, and tried again to fit the boots.

After tiresome very hard, the boots adequate. She put the boy down and,

sighted loud and was happy that finally it’s done.

The boy said: “The boots are on my wrong feet.”

Shadi picked up the boy again and put him on the desk. She pushed and pulled till finally, the boots came off. And carefully, with lots of struggle, put the boots back on his feet, on the correct foot.

The boy said: “These are not my boots.”

Shadi took a deep breath, shook her head, and whispered: “Oh, My God.”

She took the boots off the boy’s feet with grapple again and said: “Okay, love, which boots are yours?”

The boy said: “The ones you took off.”

Shadi was confused and laughed loudly.

“These are my brother’s boots. My mother said I could wear them today.” The boy said.

Shadi put the boots back on the boys’ feet again and said: “Where are your gloves?”

The boy said: “Inside my boots so I wouldn’t lose them.”

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  1. That’s a fun story and a child would be that logical. I’m impressed the teacher did not say something to the little imp.

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  2. I love the chipmunk-boots in the second picture. 😉
    Happy Holidays, dear Laleh! Stay safe!

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  3. Ha Ha. Too funny and something a child would do. It is important to ask all the right questions for sure. Allan

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  4. A good teacher must be calm and patient like Shadi, beautiful post.

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  5. Merry Christmas! 🎅🦌🎄

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  6. This story is very funny. We must be very calm and patient.
    Thanks Leila and merry christmas !

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  7. we used to be greeted with new shoes
    my sister taught me wrong
    how to tie them too~

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  8. Thank you, Laleh ❤
    Merry Christmas

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  9. OMG, what a great story, children are wise, we better listen to them.

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  10. 😄just love this story
    Thank you my dear.♥️

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  11. This is a great story, with a neat twist at the end.

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  12. Fresh with photos

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  13. I laughed as I read this . . . so typical of young children. Thanks for the smile, Laleh.

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  14. little hearts, little stories 💕

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  15. That’s a funny story 👌

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  16. I bambini sono l’innocenza che ci insegna la vita vera.

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