Lost Letter|نامه گم شده

“90th story”

First Published: May.09.2019


The king was writing a letter and told his brother, Paul: “I am writing a letter to the king of France. No one should know about this letter, or it will be the cause of war.

Paul: “Some people are here to talk to you about the new road, will you see them?”


King: “I will see them in the meeting room.” Then he covered the letter under the reading lamp and walked out.


The king’s servant, John, walked in and started to clean up the king’s desk when he saw the letter. He immediately put a cloth on the letter and tried to get out of the room.

Paul said: “John, could you prepare my horse and come with me for a ride in the jungle?”


John said, “Yes sir.” And walked out.

The king came back and went to his desk but couldn’t find the letter. He got frightened and asked Paul: “Did you take the letter?”

Paul: “Absolutely not.”

King: “Who else came to the room?”

Paul: “John, your servant.”

King: “Oh dear. There will be a war. Call John.”

sword-790815__340 (1)

Paul called for John and asked him: “Did you see a letter on the king’s desk?”

John: “No sir, I didn’t.”

Paul and the king called for the king’s adviser and told him everything. The adviser suggested searching John’s room secretly. They searched John’s room but couldn’t find the letter.


The adviser said: “So the servant has the letter with him. I have a plan. Go to the Jungle with him. We will set up a robbery, and this way we can search his clothes as well.”

Paul and John went into the middle of the jungle, unbeknownst to John that, that spot was where the robbery was going to occur.


Paul said: “This is a beautiful spot. Are you familiar with this area? let us get off the horses and walk a little.”


John said: “Yes sir. My mother lives not far from here.”

Three men with covered faces and guns shouted: “Give us all your jewelry and money.”

John: “I am a servant; I don’t have any jewelry.”

The robbers took everything from Paul and John and ran away.

John said: “I had 10 gold coins!” and cried.

Paul said: “Don’t worry I will give you 10 gold coins.”


When Paul went to see his brother and the adviser, he asked: “Did you find the letter? And 10 gold coins?”

Adviser: “10 gold coins? He didn’t have any money nor the letter.”

Paul: “So he is a liar. I promised to give him his 10 stolen gold coins!”

Adviser: “I have a plan. We should go to his mother’s house.”


The adviser walked to John’s motherhouse and knocked on the door: “Sorry, I am a little lost and need water to continue to walk back to my way.”

The old lady: “Oh please come in, have a sit and I will bring you water.”


The adviser saw the letter between a book. He opened the book fast and confirmed that it was the king’s letter.”

They arrested John and his mother as they were spies and stopped a possible war.

“If we dig deep into history, we often find that most wars started out of stupidity.”

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  1. Why did he write that letter when it could possibly bring war???🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Thanks for sharing… 🙂

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

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  3. Most wars are started for stupid reasons. Good story.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful story and I loved the last sentence :
    Most wars started from stupidity.

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  5. so enjoy reading your stories Laleh………and yes, wars are stupid.

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  6. Really awesome writing, I hope of having the full story one day, may be after my son’s admission to college this year.Hats off madam for your excellent wriiting.

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  7. Forse (oppure no ) conosci un grande scrittore italiano del 900 Gianni Rodari che apparentemente scriveva per i bambini ma nella realtà trasmetteva profondi insegnamenti.
    Questo è il caso del tuo racconto!

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  8. Beautiful story.
    All your stories, legends teach, go to reason and imagination.

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  9. Very interesting and I feel this shared review is also biblically reflective.

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  10. Marvelous story! I kept reading and wondering how it would end.

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  11. You’ve done a great job once again.

    Have a nice weekend my Laleh!!!!!!!!!

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  12. …and the concept of war is becoming no more….people are finally ‘growing up’ and away from the “bully on the playground” mentality.
    Wonderful sharing…..thank you.

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  13. Lovely read and pictures to go with!

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  14. Another wonderful tale, with equally wonderful photos, told by an exceptionally talented storyteller. 🙂

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  15. So true about the cause of wars. It is heartbreaking.

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  16. Hey ! Nice story👏
    I have nominated you for mystery blogger award
    Do check

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  17. Your stories are so educating, informative, and unusual and professional.
    I like your blog

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  18. I not been tere bu my ancestors yes

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  19. Observado desde el angulo del rey él jamas dejaría una carta sobre su escritorio y , a su vez, la posibilidad de un sirviente robando dicha carta para nada existiría.
    Por otro lado ( por ej el relato en si ) este es demasiado obvio en su desarrollo.

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  20. De cualquier modo en algunos tramos dicho relato podria tener una cuota de mayor sutileza y tambien intriga como para escapar un poco de los lugares comunes que tienden a considerar la ” puesta en
    escena” como algo infantil .

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  21. Exactly like World War I, it began with a small matter. And many nations have suffered for it.

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  22. A good one, indeed.

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  23. Might be, intelligent people will not be inhuman .

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  24. The moral of this story is certainly a true one.

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  25. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  26. john and paul
    ten things a free for all
    two wise
    in His eyes
    one scardy cat
    and that was that
    merry yule
    avoid the fate of reza pahavali and the peacock throne

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  27. Since time began, it has always been so!

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  28. Great story, Laleh, even the second time around. The message of this story is very true.

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  29. Magnificent story. So enjoy reading your stories Laleh.

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